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Players from other clubs who you cant stand


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Cant say much more than the title suggests, really. Anyone who you just cant stand. Not in the "let's laugh at his shitness" type of way. I mean you legit think the player is a complete cunt, above all the rest of the players on the teams you hate. There's no limit. Say as many as you want.

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Rio Ferdinand

John Terry

Ashley Cole

Glen Johnson is getting there

Steven Gerrard

Frank Lampard

Wayne Rooney


No wonder I hate watching England with those cunts as part of the line-up.


I don't hate Crouch. I think he is funny.

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Stephen Hunt

El Hadj Diouf


There's dozens, but I've tried to restrict them to "worst in their team." It's become a sport full of terrible prima donnas whose swaggering arrogance, diving/cheating, horrific abuse of their wealth/status, disgraceful abuse of the ref and sickening goal celebrations that make you scream "YOU TWAT" have made it nigh on impossible to enjoy the antics of nearly any time other than my own.

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Players... Ronaldo for being just a complete knobstain. Mark Bosnich had a way of grating me as well. Balotelli gets on my tits at the moment.


But when it coes to managers is my biggest annoyance. Arsene Wenger and Neil Warnock can suck the devils cock in hell. Pair of cunts to the highest degree.

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