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Might be a work? Of course it's a bloody work. 

I heard that Steve Austin and Mike Tyson angle from 98 may have had a hint of pre-planning in it. I hope not, like.

He still sleeps with one eye open though. Gripping his pillow tight. 

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1 hour ago, lightningxlock said:

To be fair, that's about the best ROH card I've seen in a long time. I'll most likely give it a watch which is more than I normally say for ROH events these days. Hopefully Alex Zayne has a better showing this time out as he had a bit of a rough one against Bandido. 

Yeah I think so as well show starts on Sunday at 8pm UK time could be a 3 and a half hour show by the looks of the length of the card

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Back sometime between what must be 2009 and 2012 I don't recall exactly when  John Walters did an extended stint over here. Every time I saw him he was phenomenal including a 40 minute time limit draw in Bournemouth for Premier against Joel Redman which was one of the best live matches I've ever seen live. Sadly it was an untaped Premier show so it only lives in my memory. 

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