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Dream Stable from active wrestlers

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Who would you have in your dream stable of current wrestlers?


For me (Heel stable)


Frontman/Main eventer - Roman Reigns

Tag Team - Young Bucks

Female - Britt Baker

Mid card(up to 3)- MJF, Powerhouse Hobbs,

Muscle - Wardlow

Manager - Tazz


Just my opinion, so likely will be mocked

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Cody, FTR and Wardlow with Arn & Tully guiding them as a new version of the Horsemen, feuding with Dustin who's disappointed that Cody has sided with their dad's mortal enemies. 

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Hook, wardlow, Preston Vance( always eating) 

don’t need a name as everyone will be drooling too much to even speak when they are together. Can’t have a woman with them as they could impregnate with just the power of the 3 of them looking at you at once. An HR nightmare 

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Frontman - Malakai Black


Tag Team - Butcher and Blade 


Female - Bunny 


Mid card- Serpentico 


Muscle - Nick Comoroto


Manager - Jake Roberts 

Dark style faction with trying to push butcher, blade, bunny, nick and serpentico more 

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