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I started watching Snowfall On the Iplayer and that’s exactly what I want from the next GTA. Basically Vice City in L.A. Not sure they will ever do a period setting again though.

I can see them pumping out a remake(s) at some point between now and the next proper instalment. A full remake bundle of 3/VC/San Andreas would be nice. Keep the games and locations exactly the same but whack it in a modern engine with better graphics and controls.

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I'd love them to make it such that you can play through the story mode much more on the rails if you want to. I love the writing and the world building of the series and I'd just like to experience the story. I'm not interested in fucking about in a sandbox anymore, and I'm not expecting any kind of drastic overhaul in the mission types and mechanics - the action set pieces are great and I want to experience those but the more mundane ones that don't drive the story forward are pretty tedious.

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10 minutes ago, neil said:

I only buy consoles based around GTA games, so this 2025 news has me right in a pickle. Do I get a PS5 now or wait? A fucking PS6 may be on the horizon by 2025.

You’ll be lucky to get a PS5 by 2025. I reckon with the delays in production this could be a longer than normal console cycle. 

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