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If there was reason needed to show why marijuana  should not be legalised, then he is a prime example. His only valid augments for anything being unknown sources and referring to everyone as a moron. Knobber 

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Ever since this thread brought it to my attention I've been keeping tabs on the absolute crackpot deranged lunacy of Sean Morley's twitter account. He was posting numerous times each day in frantic angry paranoid conspiracy outbursts against "leftist commies". 

I've noticed his account has now been deleted which is a shame as it was entertaining if nothing else. I think Morley has gone off the deep end or is taking too many marijuana pills.

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8 hours ago, Millard Rausch said:

Can't actually see anything? What's he done now?

Deleted of his own accord, but I'm not up to sitting through a 70min diatribe (same channel as the Taxation vid) to go through details.

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10 minutes ago, RancidPunx said:

Was Val even that good ?

I remember him to be painfully average as a worker. His gimmick, whilst interesting at the start, had run its course by late 1999. 

Despite him being a mad old cunt, I'll defend him to the extent there was nothing at all wrong with being an average worker back then. Only PPV matches tended to last more than 10 mins so what did it really matter? 

For all the talk of how the attitude era can never be replicated, I just don't get the obsession with filling weekly TV with over-long matches. Ensuring that pretty much everyone is involved in some kind of storyline and short, sharp TV matches don't require a TV-14 rating. 

As much as the WWE strives/kids itself that its in the mainstream, "everyone is a good wrestler" is so far removed from appealing to a casual audience.

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