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RIP Hana Kimura


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This should not be tucked away as minor news.

This should serve as a stark reminder of how much negative impact social media can have on a person’s psyche.

Try to be better, nicer. There’s a place for criticism and opinion. There’s no place for simply being a lousy human.

For those not familiar with Hana Kimura, she had the wrestling world at her feet. She could have been anything she wanted, in wrestling or beyond. 

Her vocation or celebrity is irrelevant however. This is a 22 year-old young woman driven to end her own life. 

Be peaceful Hana




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I’d never heard of her before the initial news of her worrying posts yesterday as I’m not that clued up on the Japan scene but 22 is no fucking age to go and especially as what ultimately drove her to such a tragic decision was bullying due to being on god damned reality TV

Reading up on it, the actual argument she had on the show was that one of her cast mates had washed her ring gear from her WrestleKingdom appearance by accident and it had shrunk in the wash but he apparently wasn’t that apologetic over it. Because of her reaction to it, she got a lot of hate online over it, mainly from fans of the guy she was arguing with

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Fuck this is fucking terrible.
Fucking awful that a 22 year old girl with the world at her feet felt this was her only option and a horrible reminder that you never know what is going on in someones mind.
I guess we will all learn one day to be kind to each other but...... fuck, this is just the fucking worst.

RIP Hana. I hope you are at peace now.

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Absolutely tragic. RIP Hana.

I hadn't heard much of her before the last few days, so had to look her up. To be only 22 and be that crisp and charismatic, my word. And Christ, what a look. Somewhere between Rita Ora and Nicki Minaj. With a decent grasp of English, you have to think she'd have been an absolute megastar once one of the big American companies snapped her up.

It's a travesty she'll never have a chance to reach her potential anymore. I can't imagine how low you have to be pushed to say you no longer want to be a part of your own species. And all after being put into a manipulated spotlight for "entertainment" with no protection or support apparently from those who put her there.

Social media is a powerful tool for giving everyone a voice, but it's also a terrible funnel for all manner of ill-directed vitriol and bile. You just know that those same trolls who bombarded her with grief over an angle on a TV show are now either shedding tears with the rest of her mourners or moving on to the next fad target. More needs to be done across the entire entertainment industry to look after their talent's physical safety and mental health when that industry relies on the emotional manipulation of its audience.

A disgrace, and a sad loss.

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Just a tragic story. I watch Terrace House on Netflix and she joined the show as a bubbly, likeable girl who wanted to change the perception of what the Japanese society saw in Joshi girls, ie "tough and mean" and find romance. 

Social media can be a menace in this day and age. Some people use these celebrities as punching bags to take out their own troubles on. Forgetting or not caring they are real people at the end of the day. These people who caused Hana Kimura to kill herself will never see the inside of court either.

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