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  1. That main event was DDT-tastic. Bonkers, creative and genuinely laugh out loud funny. Exactly what we needed after the last few days, and none of the cinematic trappings of the WWE or Hardy compound efforts. I like my wrasslin’ played straight but it’s pointless right now and I could watch that over and over. A billion stars. Genuine respect also for AEW taking the time to talk about Hana. Total class.
  2. This should not be tucked away as minor news. This should serve as a stark reminder of how much negative impact social media can have on a person’s psyche. Try to be better, nicer. There’s a place for criticism and opinion. There’s no place for simply being a lousy human. For those not familiar with Hana Kimura, she had the wrestling world at her feet. She could have been anything she wanted, in wrestling or beyond. Her vocation or celebrity is irrelevant however. This is a 22 year-old young woman driven to end her own life. Be peaceful Hana
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