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Define the boundaries of London


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41 minutes ago, SuperBacon said:

How far does that extend then? Greater London? Essex? Kingston? Richmond?

I've been trying to figure this out with my former Civil Servant head on, as I live in Surbiton at the moment.

The way I see it there are two options: You go zone 1-3, as further out hasn't been as badly affected yet (7 cases in RBK officially). The problem is this is so wooly. You have to list the individual boroughs. 

More likely is that they'll do every borough of London, which would include Kingston and Richmond. Like Lister said, it'll be quarantine by default. 

My wife and I are going for walks every day (something outside that keeps us away from people) and while Kingston town centre is dead, there are runners everywhere!

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12 minutes ago, SuperBacon said:

This could be a discussion for another day, but I'm guessing all Royal Boroughs of are considered London. Tbh, growing up in Hounslow, I never ever considered it London. Same going to school in Twickenham/Richmond.

Nah, that's not true, as Windsor and Maidenhead is a royal borough. 


The 32 boroughs are what they'll probably do. I know people have different views on what counts (grew up by Hampton court, worked for London borough of Hounslow for a bit, and then a few years at RBK, so I've seen all sorts of arguments), but the government doesn't. 

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36 minutes ago, tiger_rick said:

Anything after Leicester Forest East.

As a jaded wrestling fan, it's been years since I've marked out, but seeing my home settlement mentioned here has just done it! You can hear that motorway from my parents'. (Well, I can't because I don't know any differently, but my better half reports that it's deafening.)

Edit: That reads as though I'm the stereotypical fat 40-something wrestling fan who lives with his parents and has invented a girlfriend, doesn't it?

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If they do quarantine London (and they’ll try that before anything more nationwide) I wonder if they’ll move government out of London or down into the emergency bunker underneath Westminster?

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7 minutes ago, SuperBacon said:

I'm not having it that someone that grew up or lives in fucking Richmond is from London.

I'm OK with it. It's on the District Line. If it's on the Tube, it's in London, with the exceptions of the stations that are in Zones that used to be lettered instead of numbered (like Amersham and Chalfont & Latimer). It's on the absolute cusp, but it's London as far as I'm concerned.

Let's face it, though - London's expanding, and in about ten years, the GLA will have to call an emergency meeting to discuss how to stop Luton getting in.

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