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With thanks to all who voted, let's see what went down!

Best of British

Best British Wrestler: PAC. All hail the bastard.


Best Best British Match: WALTER vs Tyler Bate An NXT UK classic.


Best British Promotion: OTT. A standout year for the Irish company.


Best of MMA

Best MMA Fighter: Israel Adesanya from Rising Star to fighter of the year.


Best MMA Event: UFC 245


Best MMA Fight: Israel Adesanya vs Kelvin Gastelum (UFC 236)


Rising MMA Star: Edmen Shahbazyan


Worst of Wrestling

Stupidest Moment: Shorty G Chad's going to have to work overtime to bust out of this Ringmaster gimmick...


Biggest Letdown: Kenny Omega He was good in Japan y'know.


Worst Match: The Fiend vs Seth Rollins Bad production, bad wrestling, bad writing. All round shitshow.


Worst Event: Crown Jewel Yet another Sauid shitshow.


Worst Wrestler: Baron Corbin Two years running! What a guy.


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Best in Wrestling

Best use of social media: IANdrewDiceClay (I can't seem to find his Twitter, where's it gone?) @IANdrewDiceClay

Best Wrestling Podcast: Wrestle Me! No second place to Crouch @WrestleMe!


Best Tag Team: Undisputed Era all the gold, and now the most prestigious title.


Funniest moment of the year: A little bit of the bubbly


Best heel: Chris Jericho a surprisingly good year for Jericho.


Best babyface: Tim Storm I'd never heard of him and went to devour the lot of NWA on YouTube. Great stuff!


Moment of the Year: TIE: Cody "I want my brother back" / Kofi wins the title split decision here...

Best feud or angle: TIE: Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes / Kofi's Title Chase ...and the same here.



Best wrestling show: AEW Dynamite great year for the debut show


Best wrestling event: AEW Double or Nothing an important show when you look back at it.


Match of the Year: Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes (Double or Nothing) yet another one for this show.


Best women's wrestler: Shayna Baszler so hateable. I don't think she's playing a character!


Best men's wrestler: Chris Jericho completes a stellar year for the lumpy scarecrow.


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Culture Awards

Film of the Year: Avengers Endgame

TV Show of the Year: This Time with Alan Partridge

Best of UKFF

Post of the Year: Lion's Funeral Story @Lion_of_the_Midlands absolutely slayed me.

On topic poster: @tiger_rick ever the bridesmaid this is Rick's first win. Congrats.

Off topic poster: @Keith Houchen surprisingly has only won this once before in 2014.

MMA Forum poster: @wandshogun09 we might as well rename this the Wand award.

Funniest poster: @IANdrewDiceClay a perennial favourite. Won more gold than Cena.

Thread of the Year: Chippy Tea fish and chips with back to back wins!

Good plant based egg substitute Award: Onyx2 aw shucks. Thanks.

Worst of UKFF

Dolt: @MPDTT Quite the competition this year.

White Noise: @Hannibal Scorch scale it back, Hannibal.

Failed Comedian: @Hannibal Scorch Not a great year.

Worst Thread: Sha Samuels and Josh Bodom shoot on ref allegedly Ugh, I feel ill thinking about how embarrassing this thread was.

Flounce: @Hannibal Scorch Nick was very lucky not to do the quadruple this year.

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We're so made up. As a long time lurker and reader, it's mad to appear on the list of winners. Honestly - thanks so much!

Hope the next 12 month-long joyless slog through the well-behaved years of 2009-2019 doesn't mean a Worst Wrestling Podcast category gets introduced specifically for us next year.

Marc & Pete

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I have to be realistic about what to hope for in my lifetime.

Scotland won’t win the World Cup, watching WWE isn’t ever going to feel anything short of morally questionable, and my hair isn’t going to get any less grey.

But all of that is OK, because Tim Storm has been named Best Babyface in the 2019 UKFF Awards.

Is it acceptable to nominate this as moment of the year for the 2020 awards?

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