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Happy birthday Kaz Hayashi!


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11 minutes ago, HarmonicGenerator said:

It’s @Kaz Hayashi‘s birthday today and I think we can all agree he should have a great day.

My gift to you, Kaz, is this screenshot of Shawn Michaels doing a pose in SmackDown 2.


Happy birthday to one of the forum’s best eggs!

Look, we all know what they say about improv comedy, we all know what they really think and feel about improv comedians, but only if they got to know the real you, they might not assume you’re all Satan.

Thanks man.

And I’m a Cool Guy 😎 according to @Onyx2

In that case I’m going to wear what I want to wear today without adult intervention.

Right on!

Seriously, cheers lads!!


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Cheers very much lads.

Keith - indeed mate. It would be mint to meet yourself and a number of others from here, whilst playing No Mercy and drinking cups of tea!

I’m hoping to get further afield in 2019 and it’s looking positive with bookings mate.

In regards to the birthday itself, I’m going to fully indulge in this vanity thread. Ha.

It was actually my daughters 2nd birthday yesterday. Obviously means throwing her party on the closest weekend, which typically means it’s on my birthday weekend. 

Ive eaten shit loads of cake, played pass the parcel, been dressed up as a baddy whilst being attacked by 12 kids with balloons. So aye, canny good.

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