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UKFF Football Predictions League sign-ups

Fog Dude

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Right, with only 15 days to go until the first round of matches are due to be published (in a new thread), it's about time we got this show on the road.

If there are at least a few new entrants or returning participants, then I might explain the rules in a FAQ-style post later in this thread. The regulars know what to do though. I've cleared some space in my inbox for all the PMs about D2D choices for this season.

The only change for them to note is that Saturday lunchtime games can now be included. It was becoming too much of a restriction with so many decent matches being moved into that slot. Since the card generally goes live in the early hours of Wednesday morning, that still leaves the best part of 85 hours for people to post their guesses, which I don't think is unreasonable. I still won't feature any fixture from before noon on Saturday or after midnight on Sunday in any 'ordinary' round – the exceptions, as has been the case for a while now, are international weeks and Bank Holidays.

@RoryFice might be interested in the exact restrictions on those Dare 2 Disagree teams after last season's Finnish farce. The rest of you probably don't need to worry or pay attention to this bit: 

International teams - any country with a competitive fixture expected that's not due to be played on a Thursday or Tuesday. That means all European and African nations should be available, plus all of them from CONCACAF except Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Honduras, Panama and Trinidad & Tobago. Men's senior sides only, please.

Men's club teams - any team from the top 6 divisions in England, top 4 divisions in Scotland, top 3 leagues in Germany, top 2 tiers in Wales, Northern Ireland, Spain, Italy, Austria, Switzerland or Belgium; or the top flight of any country that doesn't use a 'calendar year' season; or from Major League Soccer. First teams only.

Women's club teams - any team from the WSL, Women's Championship, WPL, SWPL, WPWL, NWSL, W-League, Ligue Un Féminine, Frauen-Bundesliga, Serie A Femminile or La Liga Feminina. Obviously no reserve or youth teams permitted here either.


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I've had a PM from everyone in this thread accept Rory. Clearly he's thinking over his choices for a bit longer given the extra restrictions this season. Even without his picks, we've still had this eclectic bunch represented so far: the Championship, the top 3 divisions in Germany, Ligue Un, all 3 divisions of the National League and the Austrian second tier. Two Serie A clubs, two national teams and one women's side have also been chosen. Everybody has bagged their first choice so far.

So far we have 6 continuing players and one returner. Sign-ups are open until early September, so keep them coming in. I recommend joining before things get underway in just 10 days' time. That way you don't miss out on any chances to score points. 

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I've received a PM from Glenryck now (but still none from Rory, mind) so that brings us up to 9 players. That would work well for a group stage for the Cup... then again, so would 10, 12, 14 or 15 participants. There's room for plenty more! Only a week to go until the season-long thread goes live. 

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On 8/4/2018 at 6:08 AM, The Maestro said:

I'll give it a blast this year

Good to have a new name on board. I'm giving this one last bump before we get underway in 24 hours.

Basically you get 3 points for guessing an exact scoreline correctly, and a further 1 point for each result you predict right. Most of the 40 rounds involve 10 matches that all take place at weekends. If you have any further questions, then don't be afraid to ask. People seem to pick it up as they go along. 

You'll also need to PM me the names of 3 teams that meet the criteria in the first post as soon as possible for our 'Dare 2 Disagree' bonus points competition.

I still haven't heard from Rory. I hope he's all right. The other 10 of you all have at least 2 valid teams assigned to them. If we have 12 players, that'll work out quite neatly for two bites at the D2D cherry each and a group stage for the FPL Cup... but as I said earlier, there's always room for a few more.

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