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Southpaw Regional Wrestling Is Back


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WWE have uploaded season two of their 80s territory spoof series, this time as a prequel set in 1986 with a bunch of new characters 

Returning from season 1 are

John Cena as Lance Catamaran, the Gordon Solie style host

Fandango as Chet Chetterfield, his sidekick

Chris Jericho as Clint Bobski, the backstage reporter

Referee John Cone as Referee Chip Henderson

TJP as SRW champion John Johnson

The Ascension as the Surf Dudes but under an older gimmick inspired by Top Gun

Gallows and Anderson as Tex Ferguson and Chad 2 Badd back when they were teaming

Tyler Breeze as Mr Mackelroy, the main heel of SRW

Joining Season 2 are

AJ Styles as Malibu Al, the crooked car dealer

Renee Young as Susan, the infamous backstage reporter that caused Chet's meltdown in Season 1

Xavier Woods and Big E as the witch doctor tag team Voo and Doo

The Miz as Adam Dung

Seth Rollins and Rhyno as the SRW Tag Champions The Butchers

Dolph Ziggler as Nicci Lee Styxxx, pretty much Dolph's 80s gimmick

Daniel Bryan in a duel role as Rene Beret and his rival Dan Bandana

Jason Jordan as Porkchop Jones

Natalya as Debbie Desperado, SRWs first lady wrestler

And the best casting of all

Michael freakin' Hayes as Dewey Jackson


There's also cameos from Santino and Adam Pearce, all 6 episodes are on wwe.com and the WWE YouTube page along with season  1 for those who haven't seen it

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3 hours ago, RIDDUM_N_STYLE said:

Renee Young as Susan, the infamous backstage reporter that caused Chet's meltdown in Season 1

And I can sympathise. Smokeshow.

The WrestleRock Rumble parody is a nice touch.

Edit: it's odd, all the other guys I think "oh, that's *wrestler* playing *whoever*". But John Cena IS Lance Catamaran.

There's a bunch of merch out there this time, including Lethal Leap Year & Showdown at the Swamp t-shirts that come in vhs tape collectors boxes.

Edited by Statto
Cena = Catamaran.
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