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English is not my native Language, so please excuse possible errors...

I'm looking for Pal WCW tapes (uk and german). Got some already but only a few. 1f615.png:/ I'm not interested in "vhs to dvds", except they have german commentaries. If you have something, please send me a PM.

Thanks for the attention and stay healthy 1f642.png

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Anyone else looking for older (mostly 90s and 00s) Japan feel free to get in touch.

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On 9/20/2020 at 1:36 PM, gmoney said:

Anyone still trading? Looking for 90s Japanese and US stuff, PM me if you are, or have any leads. 


Still have plenty, but I now only consider orders totalling £25 or more. Fine if you want to bulk-buy, not so good if you don't.


-edit- Please ignore. No longer interested.


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I have a huge collection of Dvd sets I've collected (loads not pictured yet as I haven't designed the covers ect) Would anyone be interested in any? Pm for details. Attached some pictures for a rough idea of what any sets do/would look like. Anything I don't have I most likely could get and do. https://ibb.co/0qqcPKv


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On 10/13/2020 at 2:56 PM, Matthew Hawkings said:

Anyone got any of these that I'm looking for

Episodes of Heat and Velocity from 2004-2006

Any Wrestling that was on the Wrestling channel from 2004-2006 except TNA (except Xplosion,) FWA, IWW and IWA Mid South

 I would preferably like DVD format but VHS will do as well.

Thank you


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If anybody here happens to have any old Irish wrestling from 2000-2014 that isn't on YouTube, be it on DVD, VHS or any other format that they would be willing to sell or trade for, please let me know as I would be incredibly interested in it. I know there's a wee bit of Celtic Pro, the Irish Whip Wrestling stuff that aired on TWC and *shudders* Celtic Championship Wrestling on the interwebs but if anybody has anything else like pre-TWC Irish Whip or old Fight Factory/NWA Ireland (did NLW or Dublin Championship or wrestling.ie ever get recorded?) I would be delighted to get my hands on it. Bonus points for the first IWW show with Zandig and Justice Pain in a barbed-wire hurley match.

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On 1/9/2021 at 2:53 PM, SBD said:

Has anyone got the Great Muta in the NWA/WCW Compilation 

I've got this one, I assume it's the one you're interested in.

History of The Great Muta in WCW (3 DVDs)
Great Muta vs. Cougar Jay (WCW - 3/18/89)
Great Muta vs. Jerry Price (WCW - 3/25/89)
Great Muta vs. Mike Justice (Main Event - 3/26/89)
Great Muta vs. Dewayne Bruce (Pro - 3/25/89)
Great Muta vs. Richard Sartain (WWW - 4/1/89)
Great Muta vs. Cruel Connection 1 & 2 (WCW - 4/1/89)
Great Muta vs. Steven Casey (Clash VI - 4/2/89)
Great Muta vs. Gary Royal & Bucky Ziegler (WCW - 4/8/89)
Great Muta vs. George South & Bob Emory (Main Event - 4/9/89)
Great Muta vs. Bob Emory (Pro - 4/8/89)
Great Muta vs. Cliff Sheets (Pro - 4/15/89)
Great Muta vs. Greg Evans (WCW - 4/15/89)
Great Muta vs. David Heath (WWW - 4/15/89)
Great Muta vs. Steven Casey (Main Event - 4/16/89)
Great Muta vs. Bob Emory (WWW - 4/22/89)
Great Muta vs. Lee Scott (WCW - 4/29/89)
Great Muta vs. Doug Gilbert ( WrestleWar '89 - 5/7/89)
Great Muta vs. Ranger Ross (WCW - 5/13/89)
Great Muta vs. Randy Rose (WWW - 5/20/89)
Great Muta vs. Tom Branch (Pro - 5/20/89)
Great Muta vs. Cougar Jay & Trent Knight (WWW - 5/27/89)
Great Muta vs. Cougar Jay, Trent Knight & Mike Justice (WCW - 5/27/89)
Great Muta vs. Ricky Santana (Main Event - 5/28/89)
Great Muta vs. Johnny Meadows & Ted Pender (WWW - 6/3/89)
Great Muta vs. Steven Casey (WCW - 6/3/89)
Great Muta vs. Cougar Jay, George South & Bob Emory (WWW - 6/10/89)
Great Muta vs. Deke Rivers & Joe Cruze (Pro - 6/10/89)
Great Muta vs. Ray Lloyd (WCW - 6/10/89)
Dragon-Shai Demonstration (Clash VII - 6/14/89)
Great Muta vs. Scott Steiner (WWW - 6/24/89)
Great Muta vs. Bucky Ziegler (Pro - 6/24/89)
Great Muta vs. Italian Stallion (WCW - 7/1/89)
Funk's Grill Interview (Power Hour - 7/14/89)
Great Muta vs. Ray Lloyd (WWW - 7/15/89)
Great Muta vs. Scott Hall (WCW - 7/15/89)
Great Muta vs. Dick Murdoch (Main Event - 7/23/89)
Great Muta vs. Sting (Great American Bash '89 - 7/23/89)
Great Muta vs. Alex Porteau (Pro - 8/5/89)
Great Muta vs. Eddie Gilbert - NO DQ (Power Hour 8/13/89)
Great Muta vs. Scott Hall (WWW - 8/26/89)
Great Muta vs. Sting (Power Hour - 9/1/89)
Great Muta & Terry Funk vs. Ranger Ross & Trent Knight (Main Event - 9/10/89)
Great Muta & Dick Slater vs. Ric Flair & Sting (Clash VIII - 9/12/89)
Great Muta vs. Ricky Nelson & Len Wagner (WCW 9/23/89)
Great Muta vs. Dick Murdoch (Power Hour - 9/29/89)
Great Muta & Terry Funk vs. Greg Evans & Lee Scott (Pro - 10/7/89)
Great Muta vs. Bobby Fulton (WCW - 10/14/89)
Great Muta vs. Eddie Gilbert (Power Hour - 10/20/89)
Great Muta vs. Louisiana Cajun (WWW - 10/27/89)
Great Muta & Terry Funk vs. Ric Flair & Sting ‚Äď (Thunderdome Steel Cage Match - Halloween Havoc 10/28/89)
Great Muta vs. Joe Cruze (WCW - 11/4/89)

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