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Been after these two comps for years if anyone can help me out. Mate had them off SST about 15 fucking years ago and i've never been able to find 'em since, found Vol. 1 in the series by some miracle but never these two. I found a UK trader called Michael with them listed on his site 8 years ago but no contact details. Huge waves of karma to anyone who can find these - 


Wrestling's Horrific Moments 3 - You F@*!ed Up! 

kahashi & Aquarius Vs Yaguchi & Hayette: (Aquarius gets his leg broken NASTY) / 
The Gangstas Vs D-Von Dudley & Mass Transit: (The Infamous Mass Transit incident) / 
Vic Grimes Vs New Jack: (Extremely high fall from top of a scaffold & they miss the tables!!) / 
The Dudley Boyz Vs PG-13 Vs The Eliminators: (Perry Saturn blows his knee out) /
 3 count Vs Jung Dragons: (broken nose) / 
Hardcore Holly Vs Kurt Angle: (Holly breaks Arm) /
Mad Man Pondo Vs Ian Rotten: (Shooting with Scissors) /
 ECW Championship Barbed Wire Match: Sabu Vs Terry Funk: (Sabu rips open his arm!!) / 
Manny Fernandez Vs Invader 3: (Invader pukes up blood ..very sick) /
 ECW TV Title Match: Rhino Vs Rob Van Dam: (RVD Breaks his leg) / 
Mitsuharu Misawa Vs Vader: (Vader breaks his Arm) / 
The Pyramid of HELL!: Lobo & Ric Blade Vs Hardcore Nick Gage & Zandig / 
New Jack Vs Angel: (New jack breaks his leg) / 
Mike Awesome Vs JT Smith: (JT takes a nasty backshot on the guardrail) / 
Kawada Vs Mitsuharu Misawa: (Kawada breaks his arm) / 
Chris Benoit Vs Sabu: (Sabu gets dumped on his head & breaks his neck) / 
Hit Squad Vs Big Unit: (Kristy Kiss breaks her neck legit after getting powerbombed of the apron thru a table!!!!) /
 Sabu & Rob Van Dam Vs The Sandman & Tommy Dreamer: (Sabu looses teeth in this match!) and more!!

Horrific Moments 2000 

Light Bulbs Board Lights-Out Death Match: Shadow WX Vs Mike Samples (Fire Incident) / 
No Rules Match: Ian Rotten Vs Madman Pondo / 
Falls Count Anywhere Match: Matty Smalls & Eddie Phatu Vs Hideki Hosaka & Yoshinari Sasaki / 
Death Match: Mr.Gannosuke Vs Sabu / Zandig Vs Kronus / 
Ultraviolent Arm-wrestling Match: Zandig Vs Justin Kase /
 Highlights from XPW Death Match Tournament with Kronus, Supreme, Axl Rotten / 
Wifebeater Vs Shadow WX / 
Fire Death Match: Mitsuhiro Matsunaga Vs Jun Kasai /
 Zandig Vs Tomoaki Honma / 
Barbed-Wire Board Match: Tomoaki Honma Vs Crazy Sheik / 
Fire Death Match: Zandig & Nick Gage Vs Mitsuhiro Matsunaga & Jun Kasai / 
Explosive Barbed-Wire Death Match: Riki Choshu Vs Atsushi Onita / 
Weapons Cage Death Match: Axl Rotten Vs Supreme / 
Barbed-Wire Board Match:Zandig Vs Wifebeater & Justice Pain / 
Thunderbolt Cage Match: Hayabusa Vs Kodo Fuyuki / 
"After Dark Match": Zandig Vs Ryuji Yamakawa /
 Cage Of Death Matches: Zandig Vs Justice Pain - Pain Vs Lobo / 
Light Bulps Death Match: Tomoaki Honma Vs Madman Pondo / 
Fire Death Match: Yamakawa Vs Jun Kasa / 
New Jack Vs Vic Grimes / 
Fluorescent Light Bulps Death Match: Nick Gage Vs Wifebeater / 
Barbed-Wire Board Glass Death Match: Zandig Vs Tomoaki Honma



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