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Thanks to all those who bought from me this past week..

Lots of DVDs in! Contact:

Home | My Site (ichiban2008.wixsite.com)

New events-

Stardom- Allstar Grand Queendom '23 x2 (Eng)

Dragon Gate- Dead or Alive '23 x2 (Eng)

BJW- Endless Survivor  Infinity Independent '23 x2

NJPW- Wrestling Dontaku '23 x2 (Eng)

XPW- Killafornia 2  '23 x 2

GCW- Scene of the Crime '23 x 2

GCW- Into The Light  '23 x 2

NJPW- Collision in Philadelphia '23 x2(Eng)

GCW- Red means Green '23 x 2

iMPACT- Rebellion '23 x 2

NJPW- Capital Collision '23 x2(Eng)

GCW- I Can't Feel my Face '23 x 2

NJPW- Sakura Genesis '23 x2(Eng)

AEW- Battle of the Belts VI '23

WrestleCon- Mark Hitchcock Memorial SuperShow '23 x 2

Cheers guys 🙂

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On 9/30/2022 at 3:04 PM, blackholesun85 said:

Can anyone recommend a reliable UK trader that has ROH 2002-2008, WWE tagged classics, AEW, NOAH and NJPW 2010 to present day with Japanese commentary? Thanks

I am not trading as I am currently selling off my entire collection but I do have tons of ROH 2002-2009 as well as tagged classics. Feel free to DM if interested :)

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Long shot here but I’m looking for copies of a tape compilation, the internet collection, that I made years ago when I posted as Legend. I doubt anyone kept them or remembers them as the contents were pretty poor but they did have quite a lot of satellite feed footage from 2003 and 2004. 
I managed to stumble across someone selling volumes 1 and 2 on eBay which was a miracle in itself but 3-11 are likely gone for good now. 
but if anyone has them or knows a trader who might likely have them please let me know.
Here’s the listings I found on an old archived tape trading site, I never knew I’d made so many, those were the days! 

Edit, that link only seems to work on desktops for me for some reason 

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