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WWE Battleground 2016 Spoilers and Predictions

The Clint

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The Card


Ambrose V Reigns V Rollins (Triple threat for the WWE Championship)


Cena, Enzo and Cass V The Club


Sami Zayn V Kevin Owens


The Miz V Darren Young (IC Title)


The New Day V The Wyatt Family


Rusev V Zack Ryder (US Title)


Charlotte & Dana V Sasha & ??? 


Becky Lynch V Natalya


Randy Orton on Jericho's Highlight Reel


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So, Bayley for Sashas partner yeah?



I just read a horrible speculation it would be a returning Nikki Bella. can you imagine


I'm actually most excited to see Roman Reigns, amazing what a bit of time off does

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Is anyone outside of Becky Lynch and Bailey ever really a face in the women's division though? AJ was crazy, Paige was crazy, Charlotte was a bit of a bitch and Sasha still has this Boss Ego to her character.


You're either a heel or a tweener, hate everyone else usually and be jealous of others successes.

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So Nikki would return as a face again?  Those Bellas were almost catching up to the Big Show's heel/face turn numbers.

She was face last time we saw her tbf. John Terrying it up in neckbrace+wrestling gear with Brie and the other face women after that weird Mania pre-show match

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