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Book Nakamura's Debut Year


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I am a huge fan of Nakamura and have been for some time. Following some of his work in NJPW it is clear the guy is gold and so I wanted to find out what you would do with Nakamura for the coming twelve months... a bit of fantasy booking. Given he has started at NXT Dallas I will start from there....


Firstly I believe they need to really put their all behind this guy... give him a streak of wins with an extremely low number of losses but really play up the fact. We have had several undefeated streaks in the past few years but this needs to be special. He needs to be protected, seen as something special rather than just another guy that trades wins and losses. At the same time lets not make these matches squashes for the sake of him winning. He has the potential to elevate people he is in the ring with so why have him mow through them all?


At the same time the WWE should have the Global Cruiserweight Series thing that they are planning on doing. Making THAT a big deal too, similar to the old school Best of the Super Juniors where the yearly tournament produces some of the best talent and quality matches that they have. Have Ibushi versus Zac Sabre Jr in the finals with Ibushi going over, earning himself a shot at any NXT or WWE competitor, that is under contract, of his choice. I personally think the GCS needs to be its own individual special, something unique that is neither NXT nor WWE. This would add to the suspense of the person getting a match of his choosing leading to an eventual contract (if thats how they want to play this). 


In the meantime Nakamura takes a middling or high level title, the NXT title is perfect but the Intercontinental title could work too. I wouldn't push him to the WWE title because 1) he doesn't need the title particularly 2) recent trends have shown that fans turn against people pushed into the main event when fans don't think they are ready. The rationale for this route would be for Nakamura to gain a title and build the title into something really important, have him main event shows defending the title - why does the WWE title have to close the show when the IC title (if handled right) could easily be the main event? Not only would this add new scenarios to a bland main event scene it would give the WWE champion some time away to make him special whilst adding prestige back to the mid-card.


Not only that but in NJPW Nakamura shunned going for the World Title in favour of 'his' Intercontinental Championship. Can you imagine this happening in today's WWE? It would be madness... but back in the 1990s the IC title was the workhorses championship, why should it be any different in WWE today? 


Ibushi hand picks Nakamura as the guy to go after... playing off their previous battles in NJPW they could really develop a rivalry in a WWE setting. This could give them multiple opportunities to produce fantastic bouts whilst still allowing the main event scene to drew the money. 


My main feuds against Nakamura for the coming year would probably be: 


vs Kevin Owens (for reputation)

vs Sami Zayn (for respect)

vs Finn Balor (Nakamura not knowing how to take Balor's demon character or playing off of the character could be entertaining)

vs Samoa Joe (for hard hitting, bad-ass-ery!)

vs Styles (for the history)


If built right Nakamura doesn't need to have outlandish storylines to push him into the next level of competition as demonstrated by the way the crowd ate up everything he and Zayn did at Dallas with no build but a single 20 second promo on NXT. I personally would like to see Reigns vs Nakamura in the long term as well as playing off of his previous encounter having a series with Lesnar too. 


Just some thoughts but by no means a great year but would be good to have alternatives... Thoughts? 



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You've basically booked his last 2 years in New Japan

How would you book him?
More importantly how would you?


I'll reply in another post soon and I'll see how long it takes you to track me down.


I've said it various times before in other threads, I'll book him as a Japanese Brock Lesnar with charisma and personality

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Have him debut in a Rangers kit and he spends the next 6 months taking set pieces. After months of hitting the legendary "postage stamp", it all leads to a big 'Mania showdown with Nakamura v Nakamura. Alan Thomson and John Hartson turn up in Rangers shirts, only to rip them off to reveal they've always been one of the bhoys. In peril due to the viscous target man prowess of Hartson, Jorg Albertz suddenly appears from under the astro turf ring, he arrives with his left foot and a can of Tennets Super, which he toe pokes towards the skull of Husky Hartson. Hartson falls to a knee, while Thomson somehow pulls his hammy. Celtic Nakamura is stunned as the crowd chant "holy shit" and "mon then" as Jorg Albertz stands looking like he's done 10 years of crack with Raven, as this is happening Rangers Nakamura chugs down the Super and suddenly looks like he could go another 5. Celtic Nakamura turns around and gets an eye full of Super spat in his face and a Bomaye. 1.. 2..3... "With a tear in my eye".

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I'm looking forward to Undefeated Steak's contribution here.


Cheers mate.


There'd be no need to overcomplicate stuff. I don't think anyone's expecting them to ever build the company around him (apart from the Reddit lot). You just need to give him guys like Rollins, Styles and Orton (shit, I didn't realise how much I wanted to see this) to go against and he'll get himself over. I won't lose any sleep if he never main events a Wrestlemania but I'm sure we'll see him at the top of at least a few PPV shows.


Going back to the original question, I'd let him just spend his debut year in NXT. He's already proven how exciting he can be on a Takeover show. It'd be a shame if we didn't see any more of that. Book him against Balor, Joe and the rest of them in the same logical, straightforward feuds that NXT have done so well over the past couple of years.

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During the post Payback Raw main event, the TRON raises up to allow room for the arrival of what appears to be Adam Roses' former party bus spray painted with Japanese flags and rainbows. From it emerges Nakamura and a host of his flamboyant friends, mainly Japanese young boys who jump in the ring. Shinny does some of his mongy hand gestures and prances about for a bit before slapping the referee who calls for the bell.


Nakamura immediately drops to his knees to take a gentleman in his mouth as we fade to black and Raw goes off air. Permanently.

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Have him job to Heath Slater in 45 second squash matches on house shows complete with Heath riding him like a horsey.


On his first main roster PPV he does the whip nae nae dance with Big Show and they form a midcard comedy duo called 'Big Nakas' who celebrate the end of every match with mid ring belly bumps.

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