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Most Attractive Womens Wrestler Ever (Fittest Bird)

Fanny Pack

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Ok we can throw workrate out the window when we are judging this one.


Goin through the network and the amount of gorgeous women on show is in abundance.


It got me thinking as to who i would put top of the list of basically the fittest bird in wrestling.


For me i had umm'd and ahh'd (insert joke here) about this and im going to say Torrie Wilson.


Fuck me. Torrie Wilson circa 99-2004. The lads she went thru aswell, Vince, Tajiri, Billy Gunn, Carlito and Flair (There's a bloody good Survivor Series team there). What a trooper. The 2003 year long angle with Sable has to be the best prolonged wank bank television in WWE history.


She went down the pan when she got the dog gimmick.


So yeah who's your pick?

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