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  1. Just checked out the line-up after you mentioned this. How did I miss this? Venue is about 10 minutes up the road. Didn't see it advertised anywhere either.
  2. It did way more for Matt and Jeff than TNA.
  3. I've binge watched all three of the Maron seasons on Netflix over the past week and found it a great watch. Haven't had a chance to watch any of his stand-up specials yet though.
  4. 29. Surprised I scored that highly. I've only ever watched launch nights since about 2012 as well.
  5. Is Lucha Underground coming to the UK Netflix?
  6. Is Paul Robinson still on the show?
  7. Never heard of him.
  8. It's a shame this did get a series because I envisioned Alex Shane shipping this around TV stations for years to come just like Alan Partridge's conversation with Tony Hayers.
  9. It came up with Wrestletalk TV for me. That damn Alex Shane!
  10. Just noticed this on Jordan Devlin's Wikipedia page and it made me chuckle: 'He is also a Finn Balor impersonator under the name Fini Me'
  11. I bumped in to Steve Claridge throwing some shapes on a night out in Bournemouth a couple of months back. Even have video evidence. He was a class act too actually.
  12. Who's that then? Only mucking about. Smart little poster that.
  13. So what is this Freedom's Road deal all about?
  14. Does streaming Progress on a Roku work okay?
  15. Does anyone know if Demand Progress works well if viewed on the Internet Explorer app on the Xbox One? EDIT: Also can anyone recommend a good place to start watching the shows. Heard from a few that the production is a bit dodgy early on.