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What's me best run? - Matt Hardy


What's me best run - Matt Hardy  

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These days, I mostly think of Matt Hardy as someone I used to like but have gone right off, like that kid you were best mates with in primary school but who hasn't matured since then which makes it really awkward when you unsuccessfully try to avoid them in the pub. Saying that, I'd still happily see him in a Rhyno-esque role on NXT, he's been away long enough he'd have something new to offer now.


Anyway, he's had a few good runs over the course of his career - which one was Matt at his best?


I've boiled them down to a few key runs so if your favourite isn't mentioned here, mention it!




Hardy Boy - In which Matt is one half of one of the most popular teams in Attitude Era WWE.




Version 1 - In which Matt has a singles run and ends up a highlight of SmackDown.




'Edge nicked my girlfriend' - In which Matt becomes a favourite of internet fans.




ECW - In which Matt has a bit of a resurgence on the third brand.




Matt vs. UKFF - In which the highlight of this forum for a while was the vitriol many members had for Matt, especially following his weight gain.




ROHardy - In which Matt heads to the indies, and is pretty good again by all accounts.




Or something else?



My choice would be V1-aaaaah. I loved that gimmick, the entrance, the song, he had some really good matches, great character work. I even had the t-shirt. For a while there, Matt was the best Hardy by a long way.

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Fuck sake, I used to get just the line "I can slam a tornado" in my head repeatedly for weeks. Here we go again

Anyone have a link to a video of the Hardy ROH gif?

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He gets a lot of stick but he's been in plenty of entertaining situations. Wasn't the last feud with his brother in WWE involve him burning Jeff's house down and killing a pet of his?

I really enjoyed the Matt/Edge battles (apart from the initial Summerslam 5-minute stoppage fiasco) but his best in-ring work was possibly during the SmackDown V1 era. Haven't watched any of his stuff post-WWE with the exception of the Lucha World Cup thingy which I trawled through the other week.

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I also had the V1 shirt, as I did love the whole V1 stuff.

Personally, I was also a big fan of his heel turn on Jeff Hardy that led to the match at 'Mania 25, with the new tights/entrance coat etc, I thought he looked the dogs bollocks. He was also in for a big push around that time, and a fairly convincing win of Jeff Hardy as well, really peaked my interest. 

When he came back from an injury, turned face randomly on smackdown as looked very out of shape, I was a bit miffed.

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I've gone for 'You missed off the best one!'


Which was his run with MVP over the US title on Smackdown. He played his part perfectly, letting MVP shine whilst making himself interesting for the first time in years. The only thing that went wrong with that was the delay in getting the blow-off match after his appendix exploded - even when MVP had his heart problems, Matt kept it all ticking along nicely, and even made Evander Holyfield amusing.

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The Hardy's for me by far. His V1 stint was a fun little run, in which he played his role very well.


But, as part of the Hardy's, he changed wrestling. The stuff they did was outrageous, especially watching now. They were one of the most over acts in the company and having classic matches. He was in his brother's shadow during this phase, but was still a big part. To me, he's not nearly been as good since they split up.

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For me it's a difficult choice between the Hardy Boyz and V1/Mattitude Era. The Hardy Boyz were a state-of-the-art tag-team who along with the Dudleys and E&C changed the face of mainstream tag wrestling, but V1 had a great balance of heelishness and comedy. I particularly loved that brief storyline where his disciple had a disciple, Shannon Moore being a "Mattitude Follower" or "MF-er", and Crash Holly being a "Moore-on".

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The Hardy Boy era for me. Given that I didn't see much of his other runs. I got tired of V1 quite quickly. His matches alongside Jeff against Edge/Christian and the Dudleys amongst other matches were blinders. Matt on his own was neither positive or negative. He was just 'there' and I wasn't fussed about seeing him either way. 

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