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  1. One of the Hogan figures is up for pre-order online: Pics below:
  2. With Cena, he did have that build up of the various feuds/mid card run then eventual win of the contenders stuff for WM. I think people only started to boo him because: A) his only real test [and title win] was JBL, B) because one of his first fueds was with a hugely popular Christian [at the time anyway] which Cena won, and then him being put over guys like Angle/Triple H and so on, that you couldn't image him beating, at that particular time. BUT Cena eventually improved and won most people over. On Roman, he just got super-pushed into our faces, skipping the mid card run, and we were pretty much expected to believe he could beat the [kayfabe] most unstopable wrestler of all time, Brock Lesner. Roman does have something about him, but I feel WWE, and him to be fair, are yet to fully realise and use whatever that is.
  3. I would say its more the "Cena-Effect" now, where as people boo him because its seemingly cool to do that. People started booing Cena because he wasn't booked correctly, and was being put over people that fans couldn't see happening in a kayfabe sense. Years later, Cena has improved 10-fold and has been one of the better guys on the roster for years, but people still boo the shit out of him. Same thing with Roman, because he is good in the ring, and has had a fair few decent matches in his time so far, but its a cross between people feeling insulted with WWE saying "this is the guy you like, because we're having him win EVERYTHING now", when it didn't seem natural AND that now it's just "cool" to boo him. I would only say to turn Roman heel to get a better babyface run out of him in the long term.
  4. His original "gradual" push wasn't that bad, with decent fueds/matches with Orton. I think what tipped fans over the edge was his slammy win for Superstar of the year, (despite being off for 6 months), then his MEGA-push to win the rumble, when by that point nobody gave a real toss about him. That and the rumble was gash that year AND nobody in their right mind though he could beat Lesner, as Brock was (Kafabe) above everybody else by that point. If they'd have given him a decent slow-burn fued, and then a mid-card title run first, people might have more receptive. Maybe have had him be the one to beat Rusev for the US title that year.
  5. Looking forward to the Kurt/Brock review from mania 19. Saw some random highlights of the match last night and completely forgo about the botched SSP from Brock.
  6. I regularly grab a steak puff pastry and eat it cold on the way home... ...#EatClean?
  7. I imagine Bram sat at home surrounded by mounds of TNA contracts, casually throwing the odd one on his fire at home....
  8. I once stayed in the Formula 1 Hotel in liverpool....3 to a room, £11 pound each, with a room so small the door hits the bed on the way open. 1 double bed and a single top bunk. Best part is on the way in the electric ran out in the building. And I mean ran out, not "there was a power cut". The power went off, only for the desk bloke to go running off with a leccy key and stick the emergancy on. Anyway, whats the card for this skydome show? I haven't been since British Uprising 3
  9. Apparently TNA Knockout Jade's contract has also expired. No news of in they let it/didn't know or what, but another one gone for now then.
  10. Not sure if it's common knowledge, (I can't find it anywhere), but do we know when other talents' contracts come up? With some big names, and a few others choosing not to re-sign, others may do the same as/when their contracts come up as well.
  11. This got mentioned a while back, as apparently its also printed in that new book "the rules of WWE" stating that: if you give up your WM title match, it goes to the runner up. As per Vince McMahon's RR win in 99. Not sure if it'd get mentioned on TV, as the apparent plan is For WM
  12. I saw the trailer for that and thought it looked good. I've only heard bad things from those that watched it :-/
  13. I couldn't give an official figure, but apparently ROH are able to make "competitive" offers to talents these days. I might be wrong but I believe they can match/offer better money that TNA did in the past couple of years. I might be wrong but the Briscoe's turned down a WWE deal in 2015 due to the ROH offer being higher, and WWE not wanting to match it. That plus they deals they have with New Japan, CMLL and PWG are probably pretty good as well. Bennett/Moose only left ROH because TNA offered them silly money I believe. EDIT: Also this -
  14. Ah cool, it read as "I'm doing this for you Bray" which I thought was very odd, although it was very early when I read the results so probably me not looking properly. I really do hope they make it Wyatt/Orton/AJ (possibly with Harper as well), as that match would be much better than Aj/Shane.
  15. I've only read the results of the show....but can somebody explain what happened with Orton? The way I read it: Orton burns down Wyatt's compound, which has the body of "Sister Abigail" under the patio floorboards, because he's trying to do something for Wyatt? or is it because he's turned on Wyatt? I couldn't make out his motivation. Also, they are really trying to push this AJ/Shane thing aren't they. URGH.