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Justin Roberts contract not renewed...


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I've never been a fan. He always sounds so effeminate and soft. It's a shame everyone in the office hates Howard Finkel, he's the best announcer by miles. If they are looking for a replacement I remember PWG having some fat black bloke who was really good. They should get him.

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A few weeks ago one of the rumour websites mentioned that there was talk of WWE releasing Lillian Garcia and Tony Chimel.


That should have been the warning light for the only other announcer I know that was not mentioned to getting released.


I wasn't initially a huge fan of Justin, but he grew on me. Particularly from seeing him at live events interact with the crowd and always make time for kids and disabled people.


Can see him back at some point, and waltzing straight into random indy work with TNA, Jarrett etc. Albeit he'll probably need to support that with a real job.

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