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Best things to watch on the network?

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There are 6 hours of WCCW back to back today:

3pm UK - 14/10/82 Hayes v Great Ernesto

4pm - 1/11/82 Kerry v Von Erich v Wild Bill Irwin

5pm - 14/12/82 All Asian Title Match: David Von Erich v Great Kabuki

6pm - 26/12/82 18 Man Battle Royale Pole Match

7pm - 7/1/83 Andre The Giant, Bugsy McGraw and Kerry Von Erich v Terry Gordy, King Kong Bundy and Bill Irwin

8pm - 11/1/83 Kerry Von Erich v King Kong Bundy

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Edge's WWE 24 is probably the best Network content ever. It's surely impossible to sit through it and not see the wonderful side of this silly business.   

Back when Stone Cold was raisin the roof across all dates.

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Yeah, I don't know what the hell's going on with the WCCW Vault section as a bunch of shows have disappeared again, no doubt to reappear later today after the WCCW slot on the live stream. It must surely be a glitch with the way they add stuff because they surely couldn't deliberately be putting shows on demand for a limited period only but put them up and down out of order.


Clutching at straws to make sense of it, but maybe they've set the system up to automatically add stuff to the vault the precise moment it's done premiering on the live stream, but they've screwed up and labelled some shows as first run even when they've previously aired.

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Bad news: a few WWE PPVs (eg WrestleMania 19) have disappeared. As always, it appears to be a temporary glitch rather than an intentional takedown.


Good news: The official help site for the network lists the following as "coming soon in 2014"



WWE Tribute to the Troops 2014

The Monday Night War

Clash of the Champions

WWE Total Divas

Saturday Morning Slam

WWE Rivalries

Rock n' Wrestling (tentative)

Saturday Night's Main Event

WCW Nitro

Vault Specials


Not sure what the last means. I'd guess/hope some one-off shows from the territory days such as WCCW Star Wars events.


Also, FWIW, PWInsider reckons the Clashes and SNME will go up very quickly once the free trials are withdrawn. No official word on that happening, though at the very least you'd assume the free trial will be on hold during WrestleMania week.

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I've been mostly just watching the live channel because I get that Netflix indecisiveness trying to pick something and I rather like the idea of having a live TV channel running - even in the background - rather than a stockpile of digital content.


It didn't take long for the living room to become a weird mosaic of pizza boxes. My housemates hate me. They'd never seen Tank Abbott before.

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It's a stop motion animation show. Kinda like a PG Celebrity Death match featuring WWE guys having "real jobs" because an evil masked villain called The Finisher fires them all, but ending up twatting each other in slapstick fights. The link above is Santino vs Kane. It looks like it could become the greatest thing ever, and I'll definitely be getting any tie-in video games!

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