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Mel Smith Dies


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Comic actor and writer Mel Smith has died of a heart attack, aged 60, his agent has confirmed.


The British comedian - known for the sketch shows Alas Smith and Jones and Not The Nine O'Clock News - died at his home on Friday, Michael Foster said.


Smith formed a lasting partnership with co-performer Griff Rhys Jones with whom he set up the independent television company, Talkback Productions.


Rhys Jones described his friend of 35 years as a "brilliant actor".


In a statement on behalf of his wife, Pam, Mr Foster said: "Mel Smith, comedian and writer, died on Friday aged 60, from a heart attack at his home in north west London."


An ambulance was called to Smith's home just after 09:00 BST where he was found dead.


'Gentleman and scholar'


Meanwhile, friends and colleagues have paid tribute to him.


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He was on celebrity mastermind a few years ago and you would barely recognise him. Didn't it come out that he had an addiction to something weird like ibuprofen?


Fantastic writer, comedian and Director. We really were spoiled for choice for comedians in this country in the 80s

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He was reputed to be a fairly heavy coke addict, so given that and his weight, a heart attack at 60 is, sadly, not hugely unexpected.


Loved his early work, but thought most of his film work was terrible.

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Sad loss, watched

sketch from Alas Smith and Jones yesterday forgotten how funny it was. There's that and
skit which is also very funny.


Aside from that had a great cameo in The Princess Bride, turned up in the Wolves of Willoughby Chase and was really good as the hotel manager in the recent Dancing on the Edge, which I'd the recommend to anyone.

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