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The Random/Weird/Quirky Photo Thread


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Who's the guy between Borash and Chavo? And the two guys on either side of Tenay?


Angle looks fucking tiny (height-wise)!!


Tenay: Brian Stiffler (Insert Taz joke about that actually being his name), and then there is Tiffany & Brian Hebner

Borash: thats Willie Urbina, as stated the spanish announcer

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Fucking love that Adrian Street pic with the miners. Quality.

Love the look the old miner is giving Street. "What's this poof doing here?"


Wish I had a copy of the "Steamboat vs Flair - Clash of the Champions" poster. That's awesome. Typical 80s.



If I recall correctly, that is Adrian Streets father giving him the look and was the cover image for Black Box Recorders first album?


Cracking iconic photo though.

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Who's the fella doing the shit? A fan or someone who works there?

Steve Corino


One of the ex-writers?


Steve Corino ex-ECW wrestler and will be back in the UK soon wrestling for Wrestle Midlands, he's also holding a seminar for them, check them out on facebook (cheap plug)

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