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    Chippy Tea

    Sorry for no pictures again but the Atlantic Fish Bar on Wellington Road South, Stockport was a fucking joke. I ordered a fish and got a boomerang cooked in the wrong oil which just leaked like a sieve and gave me the shits. The chips were passable at best. 0 stars for food. 5 stars for bowel treatment. (Should have just gone to the one in Great Moor which looked infinitely better.)
  2. Yeah, it wasn't so subtle a few years before that advert. That's just the tip of the ice cream racism here, look at some of the product names, for fucks sake. Back to the first adverts posted it was mint cornetto first, twister second or make do with what was cheapest if we were skint. Those Jurrasic Park lollies were vile, they look like they'd taste like a twister but were nothing like it. The red tongue part was disgusting, and if it mixed too much with green part it would ruin the whole lolly. Coincidentally I have some knock off loop the loops in the freezer that I bought earlier this week. The lolly itself is very average but the chocolate at the top is devine, like someone melted chocolate limes a drooped it on top.
  3. I have the same kit. We had an African club shirt challenge for five a side. Have you seen their kit for this season? Absolute bangers, both home and away. They look stunning up close. Passed on the home shirt because it was £50 at the time, now I can't get one anywhere. Last time I tried to get hold of one, the stockist said that he'd shipped at least 50 to Ghana because even the club didn't sell it. I even tried contacting Umbro but got nowhere. This is another beauty I recently picked up, aside from the prison lettering its a really nice shirt, their home kit (16/17 season) was the same but in black. The badge is amazing on it too, its three layered.
  4. Anyone else finished this? Graphically it's one of the most beautiful games I've ever played but that's where this game begins and ends for me. The effort they put into minor details and how they worked/gave everyone a name where it felt they were a part of the story instead of NPC #1/2/etc was outstanding. It was a giant slog to get through, poorly paced and the character balance shoddy. I could not give two fucks about the self-serving lead roles, the characters around them managed to keep it together. The reliance on jump scares kills the impact it is supposed to make too. The character/enemy balance is out of whack as well. Its creeped into video games over the last few years that developers will make a players character less mobile than the enemys/npc's under the pretense that it makes it more difficult for the player but it's a lazy cop out into fixing mechanics. Its especially prevelant in the remake of Resident Evil 2. (No dodge, clunky movement but Mr X and zombies can run/dive/grab for fun.) It just wasn't enjoyable to play and I don't feel like punishing myself a second time around to see if I can change my mind about it although I can see why someone else will love it. It just ain't for me. I would however love an open world Seattle/large area to explore/survive in based on the effort they put in to creating what's in this game.
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