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  1. It's main failure which continues to this day is the state the industry came to be through its old methods of producer power, abuses of performers and the negligence or refusal to accept the consequences of their actions. The ones that have learnt from this survive but will not thrive in the future. The refusal to adapt to how platforms (Social media mainly.) have evolved. Take tube sites, everyone and their dog could see how it was going to go and porn producers could have provided itself with a fairly easily revenue stream with a half decent site but they sat on that method/failed to adapt u
  2. Onlyfans is a fucking scam. I have no problem with the concept of paying for porn but it has decimated the amateur scene/new start ups. It's also created another level of scamming which so far has been kept off the radar of US regulators who'd love nothing more than to further demonise the industry and collect their piece of the pie. The Western world porn industry failed to adapt when it really needed to but slowly and reluctantly took progressive steps forwards which by now has only prolonged its stronghold on how it use to operate. It forced people to adapt around it instead of wi
  3. Finished The Office (US version.) and I can't believe how stupid I've been to never give it a go until now. I'll put it down to hating the UK version as to why its been avoided for years. Solid show all the way through, always a line/scene/moment in every episode and no doubt a good few episodes in each season will need a go over to pick up bits/jokes. I will throughly enjoy that. S8 and early S9 weren't as strong as the rest but the finale episodes tied it in a neat bow, sweet and simple. Only letdowns were Gabe and a non ending to Todd Packer.
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