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  1. I was on it last year, 30mg worked but I got used to it quickly and was then boosted to 45mg which just made me groggy in the morning and left me with no go. My doctor then broke it down to 30mg at night and 15mg in the morning which worked better than 45mg in one whack. I Give it and go and if its not working see if they can break it up for you too. Good luck and take care.
  2. Animal Crossing has been a bit if a letdown to be honest. It's lazy, uninspiring and feels like it's not moved forward. Even graphically, it's disappointing, was it so far beyond them to be able to fully rotate the camera? Can't have multiple even saves on an even scale? (Secondary player/s is/are at the whims of the first player. In terms of events/etc.) Timmy, Tommy and Tom fucking Crook can go fuck themselves the greedy Bell grabbing twats. Make this, do this, give me 30 iron nuggets that you need for other stuff so I can make my shop but you do the leg work, cheers guys. You'll be first on the campsite bonfire. Nooks Cranny is a con job as well. The first few days they'll gobble every bell up at all hours of the day then sucker punch you with opening hours and a service charge for out of hours selling once you've served them a shop. Fuck off. The whole games been ill thought through and I was a big fan of the series but if we wasn't in the middle of this shite, it would be going back. Instead I'm ploughing on to see if it can redeem itself. I know I could use the time trick but it defeats the object of the game. @jazzygeofferz You're probably a day ahead of me. I find it a bit shit that Tom just shuts up shop to rebuild but there's no option/way to access the nook miles machine or stash bells. Also how does the island stuff work with the codes? Can I use yours to come to your island and fish/sell/shop or is there more to it?
  3. Fair play but your situation is slightly different than the average. You didn't buy an additional house with the premise to let and had your own reasons to sell. The generalisation of the buy to let landlord is pretty much on the nose but not all are like that as we all know. The more caring/fair/understanding one's are increasingly hard to find, given the 'I'm alright, Jack', 'I WoRk Hard!!!' mantras of the masses and the ever increasing social stigma of benefits over the last 20 years that the quality of housing and landlords has massively decreased to a crippling point. Even housing associations/social sectors are slipping down this route and I hate that there's such a lack of understanding across the board on the issues that plague the whole market from top to bottom. No DSS is a pure cunts trick, I understand that some clientele won't be to a landlords desire but that killed a lot of trust within the market and essentially handed power to unscrupulous landlords the land over. Another failure is the proper placement of ruling/regulation. Buy to let should never have been given the go ahead to the extent it is at and continue to be but greed takes all. I do agree that buying to let without a proper/solid contingency or substantial holding to safeguard all involved is a fucking joke. Measures need to be in place so its not just and endless cycle of profit bumpers and flippers. This is where greed is fully on show for all to see. I stand with you on your points but I can't fully get behind fuck all buy to letters.
  4. The ones who gouge the market for pure profit, don't put any effort into doing up./maintaining the property to the required standards and treat tenants like shit. Those people can go fuck themselves, hard. They're is too many of them and it's so unregulated in terms of quality and how BTL handle situations is unbelievable. The ones who invest into making a house into a decent, livable and affordable home with the eye to profit or use for their own needs down the line whilst also treating their tenant with a modicum of respect, I can't go against them. The buy to let boom and subsequent market was fueled by numerous governments failures to have any sort of foresight, planning or investment into a then and very much now needed social and fair ownership housing infrastructure. We could feasible work that out at any point but sheer greed has won out and will continue to win. You can't honestly tell me that you wouldn't invest in your future with one or more houses if you had the potential to? If put in that situation, how you would handle it is another matter.
  5. Teddy Swims - Tennesse Whiskey (Cover)
  6. It's also very different depending who/what you're renting from and what type of agreement you have. Private or shorthold/term will probably see the back of you ASAP and depending on a person's reaction, try and bury you and your credit rating/future tenancies. Housing Association (Council) or long term agreements usually have more leeway to play around with but even these are now minefields which non payments without solid reasoning can trigger quicker eviction clauses/notices.The devil's in the details of the contract mainly. Given the current situation and climate, its practically suicide to withhold the rent without sufficient evidence/reasoning. @SuperBacon You might have been just joking but if there is a sliver of doubt that you'll not pay rent unless you can't financially, it isn't worth it.
  7. Sorry for the following nonsense post, I'm too angry to write anything remotely serious at the moment. It's getting a bit silly here at the top of the M67. The local Tesco has been ransacked of tins, sundries and toilet paper. The other a few miles away become more difficult to access/park. The local whisperers are now blaming out of towners (Bear in mind I live near League Of Gentlemens very own Royston Vasey.) on the shortages. The local towns supplies are dwindling but hopefully once all the collectors scurry back home they'll be able to replenish and everyone else come out, get what they need whilst with manners and behaving properly. This is with only 3 confirmed cases and as of yet 0 deaths within a 10 mile radius. I dread to think of how it's going to be in the thick of it. Public transport is still running heavily and no schools have closed here yet. Amazingly I struck gold at the local chemist, getting some mega antibacterial cleansing super handwipes for the non astronomical sum of 15p per packet. This now means my already marginal chance of winning the lottery is non existant. Stay safe out there because it's probably going to get a lot wilder.
  8. Squeeze was meant to be a one and done for Tooms which makes the follow up even better because they managed to get it right in terms of what the initial episode brought to the table and more crucially, timing. If they left the follow up a season or two then it wouldn't have had the impact it did. Bringing Pfaster back way later after most people would have forgot about him, killed his place and meaning. Mixing him with another character, Rev Orison, who had the legs for an episode of their own proved that the X-Files had lost its legs. Pfasters character had enough for at least one or two follow ups due to the fact that he was one of the few characters that wasn't full on paranormal/monster and had affected Scully's mindset. They never fully explored the avenue that despite all that they had seen/been through, the human mind and its seemingly limitless depths of evilness it can sink to is just as scary as any paranormal activity.
  9. Squeeze and Tooms are the stand outs of the entire X-Files for me as they were the only episodes of it that made my younger mind shit itself. I could switch off from most of the other nonsense but our house had an old vent system which creeped me out and I'm sure that I put tape over my bedroom vent 'just in case' I was visited by such a monster. I stuck with it until season 6 in which it declined rapidly and could no longer hold my interest. Seasons 3 and 4 were its peak. The less said about newer stuff, the better. I know it is an X-Files thread but did anyone watch the Outer Limits that the BBC had on around the same period?
  10. It's Keisha by miles. Miles. @Frankie Crisp Heidi's alright but would you want to be the one after Dave Berry? No thanks.
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