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Lawful Rebellion - Birkenhead

Dynamite Duane

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I posted in the politics discussion thread a while back about the British Constitution Group, I don't think I actually posted about the event that took place back in March, at Birkenhead Magistrates Court organised by the BC Group. A civil arrest was made on a judge who was not acting lawfully under oath and the court was seized by the people. This should go down as a key historic event in my opinion, yet this brilliant act of peaceful and Lawful Rebellion didn't register nationally with the mainstream media, I wonder why...


Here's a recently made video of what took place:



Roger Hayes of The British Constitution Group has long questioned the legitimacy of the council tax. Specifically, he asks how can one be made to perform
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Specifically, he asks how can one be made to perform – as in become legally obliged, to perform certain actions (payment) without a form of contract taking place?


By the legal force of the Local Government Finance Act 1992, that's how.


All this talk about contracts is based on civil law. The mandatory payment of council tax is an element of criminal law. If you can't grasp the difference between the two, you probably shouldn't claim to be some sort of constitutional expert.


Oh, and civil arrests are only legal where it will prevent the person being arrested from:


(a)causing physical injury to himself or any other person;


(b)suffering physical injury;


©causing loss of or damage to property; or


(d)making off before a constable can assume responsibility for him.


So this attempted "arrest" was itself unlawful.

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To provide a bit of unnecessary covering fire to Lister's conquering forces, I should point out that the BCG (apart from having the same initials as a jab) believes, as stated in their own manifesto, that the Queen is democratically elected.



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I reckon if (more like when) Duane fails to respond to the points raised by Lister he should be given another suspension since he has clearly failed to grasp the reasons for his last suspension.


So it is written, so it shall be done.


Duane, respond to Lister's post, or spend another 30 days in the Spaz Bin.

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