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  1. Not playing devils advocate or casting judgement either way, here, but for what it's worth doesn't Konstantine Kyros have a brutal reputation? His concussion lawsuit was thrown out of court by the judge. I know McDevitt makes most mortal men piss their pants in a court of law, but the deciding judge in that case blasted Kyros for failing to comply with court regulations. Not the kind of protagonist you'd ideally want in chasing after WWE, here.
  2. I think he's the most consistently best character of the New Gen era, and whilst a lot of big stars from that era were biding their time to show a bit more attitude, Owen actually fitted in and fed off it perfectly, I feel. The feel of that product at the time was perfect for him. Even on the worst In Your House cards in Buttfuck, Tennessee, the show would pick up when he came sneering down that poorly lit aisle, brandishing his slammys.
  3. Seeing a lot more of the story in general since the WWE response. Generic Google search of just her name is littered with it now, whereas before the response there wasn't much. They've only gone and legitimised it more as a story, with that.
  4. Someone said it a few pages back, but targeting sponsors might be a good idea. If any of them start dropping, you can bet they'll have Stephanie on morning TV talking about how much they've changed.
  5. New Gen takes ages and ages to fully mature. I know some will disagree, but they only really start hitting it out of the park around 96 for me. Virtually every PPV show from Survivor Series 96 on is fantastic. Their genuine dryness clashes completely with how gradually shocking the programming starts becoming and it's the best thing that could have happened to the podcast.
  6. Not had the Network for awhile. It's mad, my days were full of invasive thoughts of resubbing, but there's no chance of that happening now. My mentality is probably closest to that of Rick's. WWE just have a content stranglehold on so many moments that fizz and whir with an overwhelming nostalgia in my brain that to not have it is quite the change. I'm pottering around during work watching YouTubers who are only alright, getting myself optimistic about AEW where I normally wouldn't be arsed, I even got a month trial of Impact Plus for fuck sake. Does anyone really want to relive entire TNA ppvs? I'm finished with these lousy pricks, though. I wonder if I'll even make it to the NXT tent at Download next month for what amounts to a free show. They can sanitize themselves all they want but Vince is still clearly in control of this vanity project, and the contracts are still something my dad would give me a clatter around the head for signing my name away on. In a weird way my best wrestling memory of the year is seeing the UKFF not just get up in arms, but busy itself with getting this story out there more. Well done, chaps.
  7. I grew up with Slipknot so I'm partial to them. Digging the new track. The video's great, because Clown's ego is clearly off the charts as their visual director. Some interesting theories floating about that Chris Fehn never left the band and that's it's all a bit of a ploy. I kind of hope it's true because the new mask in the video with the nose cut off the face etc plays into that beautifully. Interesting to note that All Our Life isn't on the new album. Hell of an in-between tune.
  8. Seeing it on Friday. Buzzing. Like others I have the pleasure of my other half being really into it, too, because of the dog. First two instalments are neck and neck, for me. The original has your introduction to the character, Chapter 2 really pulling the curtain back on the fact that there's a decent underworld to explore here, as well. I love Keanu. I'm a Matrix boy, though, sorry Devon. Was the perfect age for its manic blend of philosophical sci fi and Rob Zombie. I'm one of those odious creatures who enjoys discussing the sequels, whilst being nonetheless aware of their cinematic shortcomings (chiefly the litany of Aussie supporting actors who made the whole thing feel a bit TV. Anthony Zerbe shouldn't be doing soliloquy about robots. ) Tyler Bates does a killer job scoring Wick, too. He's even made Marilyn Manson's recent output somewhat trendy again. Really can't wait, now.
  9. Inevitably. Can already smell the stench of the Jeremy Kyle Puts Things Right/Serious About Mental Health shows on the horizon. Edit: Or what's above, yeah.
  10. Can't wait until the prince gets to the Ruthless Agression era on his Network viewing. I'd love a gimmick battle royal from that era. Mordecai, Kenzo Suzuki, Luther Reigns, Heidenreich. Can imagine him getting to the pipe bomb and utterly disregarding it. "Ooh, get me Kevin Nash."
  11. You've fallen hard on the sour grapes side of the bantz fence, there. Do a few jokes, for fuck sake.
  12. As you can tell from my flash new avatar, I've decided to get into edgy black metal about fifteen years after the traditional adolescent entry age. I'd always ignored it but the stupidly fun Lords of Chaos film piqued my interest so I picked up the final boss that is Transilvanian Hunger from a record store in Paris a few weeks ago. Let it wash over me and realised that for extreme music, my brain decided to essentially imbibe it as ambient music. Just this weird, lo-fi, expressionist painting. It's freezing cold. I know that's how everyone describes it, but it can't be stated enough. Fucking beautiful, and one of my new favourite albums. Fenriz seems like a chill bloke, too, which is refreshing. I'm not one of those people who brings too much morality to the artists he's listening to, but I wouldn't be paying money to see a band like Watain live, with all the rumours of animal abuse. Can't help but love the vibe of stuff like De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas and Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse even though there was some right dodgy boys involved in those records, but my head seems to allow for it as they're more like historical artefacts. It's an odd one. I love the atmosphere of so much of this stuff - and I'll always go and see a black metal band at a festival now just for the show - but the odd band you get who purport to being actual theistic satanists crack me up to no end. Lunatics.
  13. Seeing The Cure a month from now in Malahide castle, outside Dublin. Never seen them before and they're one one those rare bands - even amongst our shared tastes - that me and the missus have an equal level of passion for so it should be a cracker. Long evening in the sun with one of Smith's usual three hour sets should be on the cards. Not sure what I'll make of it, to be honest. Everyone says they're great live and I love them to death, but I generally like gigs with a bit more bouncing about. Been watching a lot of their footage and most of the stuff seems even more anaesthetised than the studio cuts. Download a week later. Second year running, really looking forward to it. It's become that holiday we look forward to every year and we actually like the line up this year. Chiefly excited for Conjurer, Skindred, Slayer, Tool and Behemoth.
  14. So yeah, nabbed a free month of Impact Plus, just because it's going. Just finished The Asylum Years, Vol. 1. Pretty good way to ingest it, to be honest with you. At this point it felt like an NWA territory booked as ECW by Vince Russo, with a bit of WCW continuity going on. So a bit of everything thrown in there. I know some people would describe their entire run that way, but after awhile it did just become a game of seeing which WWE guy would cough out into that sterile sound stage set next. This compilation leaves me with the feeling that they started out as TNA as possible, and just watered that down as they went along. Which is probably a good thing. Some absolute dross on it. Sabu vs. Ken Shamrock and Jarrett Vs. Dusty Rhodes have no place on any collection. Ever. Too much Double J in general on it, but those were the times, I guess. Jeff Jarrett & Lex Luger vs. AJ Styles & Sting is a fun, old school tag match where you can really see AJ turning into their HBK. Luger just busts out a few bear hugs and a torture rack. Doesn't hide any spot calling. There's also a bunch of company humping in between the matches, chiefly from Dixie and Abyss, which all look tragicomedy in hindsight. "It's amazing to think how far we've come from Nashville, y'know." The absolute highlight, though, is the No Mercy N64 style tron videos that they full-screen as the guys come out that all look like lo-res .gif images of in built video editor effects with the wrestler's name thrown in somewhere. This is Jarrett's. It looks far better on YouTube. A tour of all the towns he's conquered as champion. There's a bit of that Evolution gold going on in the video, only instead of getting off a chopper he's missed his train. Going to chuck on part 2, now, and then probably jump Main Event Mafia my way on up to the first few months of the Bischoff/Hogan era.
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