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  1. And even that plays into his character, even if he might not have intended it that way. How often do you see the old adage of "carry yourself like the top guy" play out like that? Jerk around like you're the best in the world, miss the mark by a considerable distance and still somehow have it end up working well for you. Yeah, I'm having a Jericho love-in at the moment. One of the best also-rans ever. Who else is on that list?
  2. He's not Mt. Rushmore, but at the end of the day Jericho is genuinely brilliant. He's able to festoon himself with new and evolving character traits, gimmicks and add ons that just feel like the kind of things you want all your wrestlers to always have. The list, the garb, the way he's pronouncing himself La Champion now in that daft French accent. He has this intrinsic understanding so many other guys lack that you should make yourself as effortlessly memorable as a Fast Show sketch. He knows how to get onto .gifs and fan signs. And it's all organic. It's not using some flash prompt on the tron, theme music cue or commentators hammering in some nickname on command - all the straight from Character Development Bootcamp shit you get with the NXT guys that can seem so forced and too well presented, practised and timed. The guy's a pro. An entertainer to the bone.
  3. Aye. It's effectiveness as a heel song is largely derived from how shite Fozzy are.
  4. Eating my words on not being totally into AEW's universe pre-Dynamite, with the content resigned to one off special/supercards and the social media stuff. Now that they've got a proper telly show with a visual identity, big crowds, and traditional but entertaining story telling I'm on the bandwagon. Second week Dynamite's been highly enjoyable for me. It just looks and feels like a proper ongoing promotion in only the way a good weekly TV product can deliver. Same reason Impact was a viable alternative from 2006 onward. Even during the maligned four sides Hogan/Bischoff era. It just felt like a proper #2 was on TV for the first time since WCW, and I was in. Same here. Jericho's the best thing there. Immensely enjoyable. La Champion. A diet of Dynamite and NWA - keeping the newz and online discourse to a minimum - doesn't sound too bad for weekly wrestling. Bit of back to basics markdom.
  5. I actually quite like Jericho's AEW theme. It feels big time, and it's one of the better egotistical sounding "I'm a proper heel now" tunes in the same fashion as Hollywood Rocks and Christian's Just Close Your Eyes one.
  6. The WWE popcorn Hardcore Title matches are genuinely my favourite 'hardcore' wrestling ever. Safe, fun, silly shit that at the time seemed an integral part of what made Attitude Era wrestling so cool. They weren't critical darling matches but they did have their place in what was a variety show, and would invariably be one of the playground talking points as well as something brought up from 2001 on from lapsed fans as something lacking. Honestly, I'd take a playlist of them over a playlist of anything by ECW/CZW for my desert island wrestling discs. Al Snow and Bossman's out the arena and across the road saga, the multiple pinfalls time limit stuff from 2000, all fun stuff.
  7. You'd have to imagine Seth would have been all over Twitter after the show, had his feed not been defanged somewhat from the Ospreay stuff.
  8. That Jeff theme is one of my favourites. So it's only just hit me that London & Kendrick's theme was a reworking of the Rocker's theme.
  9. Zero complaints with that show. Better than usual Raw, two effectively indie bait promotions doing the Wednesday night war, and Cain Velasquez, Tyson Fury and The Rock showing up on Smackdown. It's been an immensely enjoyable week of wrestling. This is the quiet part of the year still, right?
  10. When you aim for Shawn Michaels and end up Dok Hendrix.
  11. Not defending that, but I love no fucks Orton. He's off trying to challenge Rock on Twitter now. I wouldn't have believed you a few years ago if you told me I'd want one of Rock's few remaining matches to go to Orton, but if in some fantasy dreamland it allowed Orton to laze down to the ring vaping pot and sleepwalking through diss promos of the Great One, I'd be on board. Slip of the tongue aside, I bet he genuinely doesn't give a fuck if this causes a storm. It blowed over for Hogan, I doubt the wider world will care or remember much that the guy who was a front runner in the Ruthless Aggression era screwed up. His career is basically over, anyway. He's living in the ghost of it on TV every week.
  12. I'd say the smashed throne was more a visual metaphor for out with the old, in with the new, but whatever. You seem to have thought about Cody's entrance more than Cody has.
  13. Can't wait to read more assorted variations on "AEW fans are all about the workrate, BUT I watched two hours of their show recently AND I noticed something which wasn't this! What gives?" in the coming months. Always a thrill.
  14. Let Forever Be, and the accompanying Michel Gondry video, is one of the best things of the 90s. It's a testament to the brothers how in the space of two singles they managed to make Noel Gallagher cool as fuck and retroactively make it sound as though Ringo Starr invented big beat music. I can't find a link to back this up, but I recall a story going around that when Noel came down to the studio to do the vocal on Setting Sun he told the taxi driver "keep the fare running, this won't take long".
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