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  1. Amber Leaf was my go to. It's got this ridiculous ubiquity in Ireland where it's almost strange if you decide to purchase some other brand of tobacco. When I started around 15 or 16 it was right at that threshold where traditional smokes were being priced out of student pockets but before the roll ups it was John Player Blue for a bit. Again completely ubiquitous as an Irish teenager's smokes. I was what Bill Hicks would refer to as a pussy, though. I always had this weird, cloying neuroses about my heart and lungs that would handily mean I couldn't comfortably smoke during the week, on breaks etc. But if I was drinking, forget it. From first drink to last I'd either be smoking or rolling. Smoking feels undeniably fucking great when you're knocking back pints. In the end it was quite an easy, natural process of kicking them because the fiancee has never smoked, we started going out less and that's pretty much that. I'll still occasionally smoke weed, but I never roll in tobacco anyway. And it's a twice a year thing where I buy an eight, am on cloud nine for a day or two and then throw it out because it starts making me joyless and useless. And I stress throw out, because I have no control over that shit when it's in the house. If it's there, I'll smoke it, and smoke it to my detriment.
  2. As HG said above, there's plenty of reasons to like a guy like Stevie Richards. There's no reason to like Mideon, though. But I always did. He just gave me an odd, comforting "This is what bottom of the table baddies look and feel like" vibe when the Attitude Era was at its height when I was a fan in school. Rubbish wrestler, no semblance of a decent character arc, no memorable storylines or promos. Mideon's not good. But I like him anyway. In fact, I liked Southern Justice and Phineas Godwinn, too, so I'm seemingly a Dennis Knight guy.
  3. Maybe nasally would be a better word, but I don't think that's a deep voice at all. He sounds like he isn't in possession of a nose!
  4. That squeaky voice over guy they've been using almost exclusively since Freddie Blassie stopped doing PPV intros. They'll get celebrities and the odd bit of variance for WrestleMania packages every now and then, but he's been all over the product for about twenty years and I'm not sure anyone knows who he is. This is the guy. He's irksome and he won't seem to go away. There's something so modern WWE about him. I just associate him with desperately trying to convince us of how cool stuff like Bragging Rights and Night of Champions is, over the top of some awful rawk track.
  5. Lidl's stuff is muck. I always feel like I'm drinking cheap supermarket stuff. Same with most of their food. They're quite a drop from Aldi, moreso than being two sides of the same Deutsche mark.
  6. Aldi's the best at alcohol. You're spoiled for choice on cheap, tasty stuff without needing to resort to their Galahad, like me. Brasserie, Saint Etienne and Karlskrone alone are nice and easy to drink for the price. Rheinbacher is a delight. Brown Bear double IPA rules if you're going for the beard stroker stuff. Always got good wines, too, if that's your thing.
  7. I don't know much about hip hop, to be honest, but if you have an iPad knocking about you can knock together some impressive sounding loops on garage band in no time at all. It's got a sampler you can record external audio right into through earphones/your devices speaker. You can then loop the sample, play it as notes on a keyboard etc throughout the track. It's ridiculously fun just to mess around with. If you wanted to make it a proper thing and had a bit of cash to spend, I'd probably buy a hardware sampler, but that's just me. I'd rather bang pads/buttons than mess about on screens for too long. If you want to get off garage band fruityloops, ableton, logic etc would all be common enough for hip hop production.
  8. I've finally gotten around to taking some choice cuts from my first half a year of production and slapping together a full length release. Self isolation, and all that. Considering I'm just doing it as a hobby when I'm not working, I'm quite proud of it. It's basically a psyched out house/trance sound with a few downtempo and ambient elements thrown in. Admittedly I'm going to focus more squarely on a particular style for the next project - this has all the hallmarks of finding your feet and seeing what works - but I'm happy out with it and the nerd in me always just wanted to put together an LP of my own for shits and giggles: https://acidlovestar.bandcamp.com/ All opinions welcome.
  9. They'd just about convinced me they were going to play up the Cena match as if it was another Undertaker epic until they showed 'Taker in the immediate aftermath going on about the time of it to everyone he came across. Next episode's preview cracked me up, too. It's found this hilarious, repetitive groove of him doing a match, deciding he was rubbish, and going off for a year getting giant injections into his bones so that he can sit with his wife in all their weird guns and god gear and plan how to kayfabe another comeback so they don't realise he can't actually walk anymore.
  10. I'm drinking like a student again. Started off working a craft beer gimmick - getting notions - but now it's the twelve Galahad from Aldi. I never want to be two strong drinks from feeling shit. The biggest danger with all the pisswater in the world is that I'll put on Born Slippy before going to bed. I've also blown off taking walks with herself so that I can do them alone later on when she gets back. We're normally attached at the hip - still are - but we're both doing the work from home thing so I need to pilfer a bit of space here and there. In addition, when she's taking her walk I can masturbate like a maniac.
  11. Second episode is up. Someone's going to have to start keeping a log of all his whacky conservative t-shirts. Guy seems to source his entire apparel from right wing podcast stores.
  12. They're piping in crowd noise, too, which I'm finding far more preferable to the constant squeaky boot noises and low volume pitter patter of playing instructions. Seriously, the presentation greatly benefits from it, I think.
  13. I've ended up on a live stream of the K league. They've got mannequins in the crowd, in what might be the single creepiest thing I've seen so far in this weird new world.
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