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  1. I love most of the albums on that list. Top tier nu metal is bags of fun. Sod the WWE overexposure of gradually descending in novelty, copycat bands. One of the better local gigs I was ever at was a tribute to nu metal, done as a charity fundraiser. A vast improvement on the endless doom bands we'd get play down these parts of the potato isle. There was a rammed pit, someone pulling double duty as both Fred Durst and Marilyn Manson, and during that POD song my friend Dave started screaming "I feel so alive, for the very first time, and I think I could fry and egg and two sausages" in perf
  2. That's the WrestleMania XXXXVI theme sorted.
  3. Lovely stuff! I'm in a perpetual hate the internet phase. This gaf's not the internet, though.
  4. My new favourite thing about it is that Scooter's own channel left a comment under the video just to say "Are you ready?!?!". It's the greatest clubland maxim of all time, and it's been in their songs since the dawn of time. Who is he addressing it to? Are we ready? Is HP Baxxter himself ready? Is the world ready? To think we were robbed of them doing the vaunted But That's Not Metal! spot at Download this year, if rumours are to be believed.
  5. Borat's Subsequent Moviefilm My expectations were fairly muted - I mean I really wanted to enjoy it at all costs - but I genuinely hated it. It lacks both the variety show element and Borat's own weird lovability that made the first film so good. I understand he's somewhat backed into a corner with being so recognisable, but it feels like a bit of a bait and switch with how much Borat you actually get. Riffs its main source of humour to death and just comes off as crass, crude and hollow. Still, I'm sure most will enjoy it and there's already a premade narrative out there that I'm a
  6. Guess whose back to save the year? POSSE! UNITED WE STAND!
  7. Enjoyed those Manic reviews @SuperBacon. I've always had a soft spot for them. Even the daft bits. They've had such an interesting progression from Richie's years, to superstardom, to bloated dad rock and back again to slightly more avant garde stuff. Or as avant garde as they can get through that lens of Welsh ordinariness they've never been able to shake, which adds to the fun. In a sense it's Depeche Mode all over again. You've got some pretty subversive material snuck into spangly pop tunes, everything's taken rather seriously, and about half the British music press at the time don't
  8. I don't know why, but I can't stop laughing at the line "She met Paul Bearer on the way to the toilet."
  9. You're talking some amount of shite. The UKFF has never been a Liverpool stronghold, and few big clubs take as much of a good natured ribbing in these threads.
  10. Owen always makes me smile, but holding him above Bret seems like one of those contrary for the sake of it opinions you have when you're a teenager.
  11. I do find B shows oddly endearing, especially once their initial push wears off or they get trumped for importance by the arrival of a new show. It's the compact length and handy recaps - both mentioned above - but also the complete absence of historical relevance that makes them uniquely fresh to do a rewatch of. Surely I've not seen every episode of Raw and Nitro on the Network, but it sure feels like it whenever I choose one at random. A Heat or Velocity upload, though? Daft commentary combinations, the best jobbers and hosses of the year and the occasional indie wank/before they were famou
  12. My favourite of his shithousing is on Flair. Throughout the book he makes it clear he essentially doesn't think Flair can work at all, and takes the guise more of a geriatric comedy performer. The most he'll concede on him is Flair was "one of the fittest competitors I've ever faced." In fairness Flair got to him first with his book in 2004. Also for calling him out on having a few basic spots he'd need to go through the motions of each night. These guys.
  13. Watching Velocity on the Network. It's reminded me of how - as a young'un - I used to watch the B shows on Sky and think they were recorded on seperate nights, and they'd just have fans wear the same clothes they did for Raw/Smackdown and sit in the same seats.
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