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  1. I feel like Triple H proper just knows Ace of Spades and his own theme tunes as well, despite him being a self professed metalhead and huge Motorhead fan. He's more savvy to pop culture than his father in law, but not by much. Apparently when Lemmy came to the shows he just sat in his limo in the parking lot until Triple H came out for a chat after his match, because he didn't give a shit about wrestling either.
  2. Stuart suffered from some serious bouts of depression during their run, as has been mentioned. It's a shame they're not continuing, but they got to WrestleMania XIV which was their natural end point, anyway. How many podcasts have suffered by going back to the well too much? The research and care he put into their episodes was incredible. Hugely in depth (three hours for the big shows) without being Lapsed Fan levels of ludicrous (a million hours for every show). It's the only thing I've ever loved for censoring cuss words. Once they get into 97, the increasingly risque nature of the content when clashed with the guys dry, family friendly shtick was an endless source of amusement. They never reneged on the original style, never hammed up their personalities, never got too self referential or outrageous. Just good, funny wrestling chat and a few running gags that developed quietly and wonderfully. My favourite being that one fan who wrote into every, single caption competition or suggestion prompt to cram in an American Males reference.
  3. My latest and greatest, thanks to WFH. After eight months I feel like I'm reaching a natural limit with the JD-XI and my current workflow of just live mixing chained sequences as a one take performance into the DAW. I'm definitely in a comfort zone now with the sound, so I'm looking forward to movin' on up and doing some new shit in the next few months.
  4. The shows also went through a very linear, rapid aesthetic evolution during the Monday Night Wars. The sets, packages, cameras and even the volume mixing all improved every few months. Realistically that sort of thing is bound to peak at some point - which it did around the time they went to HD - and all they've been doing since is adding bells and whistles that the general consensus feels makes the product feel too overproduced. The other big thing they can't help quite as much is how much history and content is behind them, now. The gimmick matches are an easy way to illustrate this. It's no problem remembering the first few Hell in a Cell matches. Then everyone gets one for their Undertaker blow off. Or ladder matches. Nobody's going to be naming all of them in historical order anymore. Most of us could probably have a fair shake at naming all the big title changes from the Hulkamania era to 2002. Then they had two titles, then one, now two again. So yeah, separating years is nigh on impossible unless you're really into it. You can do it around WrestleMania which goes to show how it's the only part of the year they properly define. Broadly I'd consider WrestleMania XXX the start of the current era. The streak ending, the Network launching, and the whole formulaic progression of the NXT call ups being set in stone. That was six years ago, though! Mind you something similar is repeated across other forms of media, particularly music. It's like we spent a few decades coming up with all the various styles and sounds and now we're just mixing them up and reinventing. Before that if you wanted you could wrap 5-10 year blocks into handy eras of new sounds and subcultures. If I say to you '1996' you're going to see Keith Flint, the Gallaghers and the Spice Girls. What if I say '2018'? We're also not as sucked in by massive stars. The idea of looking up is a bit passe. We want them on our level, responding to our Tweets and shit.
  5. 1999 is the king. It's got the perfect blend of on fire stars, Attitude Era goonies, funny commentary, salacious storylines, hot crowds and endless memorable entrance theme riffs. It doesn't have match quality, but we're talking serious nostalgia making it my favourite year, here, and I'm alright with that. 2000 is technically where it's at, but I find it far duller to watch back. It's a bit too clean. 99 is like reading The Dirt. It is dirt with most fans now, though. It's gone over the years from being considered one of the top years to one of the worst. It probably deservedly takes the heat for people's retrospective moral and creative reassessment of the Attitude Era and Russo's booking. There's some good PPVs scattered throughout 95-96 and the long term booking at the top of the card was solid. The title always felt like a huge deal. But the TV is embarrassing even taken within the context of its era. Seeing shit like Xanta Clause, Barry Horowitz, the gawky merchandise shill spots, all that goofy music and primary colours everywhere - and more often than not in a high school gymnasium. It's a tough sell. Mrs. FOOK's favourite match ever is the 99 Rumble, because it's just mental and literally anybody could sit down and follow that amazing Austin/McMahon history package then focus on the narrative of Austin trying to win the thing with Vince trying to screw him around.
  6. Any legit fans would be heavily pre screened, you'd imagine. I can't think of anything that would make 2020 worse more than Brock Lesnar guy, the guy with the WWE logo stencilled on his dinner coat and the posturing guy with the Peter Steele hair all showing their appreciation from their collection bedrooms on front row screens.
  7. @Frankie Crisp The thing that never fails to amaze me about A Day In The Life is that it's only five minutes long. A little longer than your average pop song, sure, but in its Sgt Peppers psychedelia (no, they didn't need the drugs but yes, it's an acid album) it seems to cover so much ground that I always assume it's an eight minute long Stairway type deal. I guess Bohemian Rhapsody has that quality, too, but Queen are a joke shop moustache on the fab four's rock wall. Don't get me started on Tomorrow Never Knows qualifying for Eurovision length. This is mine for the night. My dad named me after him, I shit you not.
  8. I want a King of Hearts vest. Not often I fancy the wrestler brushed on to the shirt but for Owen I'd make an exception.
  9. That was the latest pic on my phone. I'm not glamour modelling for you fucks.
  10. I'd disagree insofar as it being an unpopular opinion! It was shat on then and it's shat on now. The only acclaim it ever gets is Austin's own TV performances and maybe the fact that the rattlesnake character had nowhere else to go, anyway.
  11. Three week bumfluff and yes, that's a vest.
  12. Shaun Murphy and Mark Allen both crashing out? This tournament rules.
  13. That's the last fucking time I'm complaining about the sets being too shiny.
  14. Turns out O'Sullivan likes playing with no crowd, after all. Battered Un-Nooh 10-1, taking less than half an hour for the two final frames this morning. Match quality's been decent so far this year.
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