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  1. The licensed PPV themes deserve a trashing, too. Whilst the superstar themes for the last few years have been generally strong, the tunes they get elsewhere are dog rough. It's all this weird, genre hybrid stuff that sounds like it was crowdfunded to be the most dangerous sounding music at the least dangerous sounding festival. It's all nondescript and anaemic sounding. I know the nu-metal stuff is roundly shat on, but at least it fit the product at the time. It doesn't have to be rock or metal music with a punch, just music with a punch. Wrestling has punch. Even at its most sanitised I've always more or less seen it as an extreme form of entertainment, and the music - being part of the production - should reflect that. You don't always have to license themes either. Some of the old, in house PPV music fit the tone of their shows so well. Imagine Hell In A Cell opening with some crazy style Terminator 2 theme. It'd be awesome. Oldies nearly always work where they can be employed. Big Time, anybody? The lyrics to every tune they've used for the past ten years can be more or less boiled down to "they won't trample on us, oh no, we're going to rise up and fight tonight!" It's the dregs.
  2. And don't you just know the 'E currently reckon they're probably doing the best job ever of that. "But we've got Hell in a Cell, pal! It's the show with the devil's playground, and all the screens are all red!" To be honest, I watch NXT and I still find it too slick. I theorised on here before and I'll repeat it again: I have a sneaky suspicion that a part of wrestling was lost from me forever when it went HD. It's a combination of an almost insurmountable nostalgia for all the old stuff, and a fundamental reckoning that people clubbing each other about in weird fucking clothes looks much more agreeable in standard definition. It went HD, character importance went down, the cameras went mental and the style got a lot more fast paced all around the same time. It just largely became a slick, high energy stunt show that was a token part of nerd culture to me, then. Just nothing subversive about it. Even at its height it felt a bit dirty and weird. Now it's just another fandom. It's got a universe. It's got a subreddit. Imagine Brock, Braun and Roman pelting down that aisle with decent storylines and a hot crowd. You'd happily take the trade off of those *1/4 hoss stylings that most Attitude Era undercards consisted of.
  3. I love that garb! The lo-fi aesthetic works a treat for him. "I'm English and I'm going to smack you about". That's all it needs to say.
  4. Him and Regal being two old men afraid of heights, daring each other to climb, in that impromptu 'sorry-for-December-to-Dismember!' ladder match at Armageddon 2006 is still one of the funniest things in wrestling, I think. It's the kind of genuine in match comedy you don't really see, anymore, from vets not afraid to show a little arse. Always brilliant moments. Eddie's cheating comes to mind, too.
  5. It went to shit when they started doing newer shows, but they seem back where they belong, now. Stuff like Bossman Behaving Badly and the WrestleMania Rage Party got me through some pretty shitty work days, so I'm duty bound to listen in a weird way.
  6. He makes up for it by them being even more sensitive to hot button garbage storylines than ever. Not that WWE wasn't filth at the time, but the closest I've ever come to wanting to use nauseating terms like 'snowflake' has been listening to AE Podcast. Its the one drawback. Still, you've zeroed in on a pretty niche trope, there, and what podcast doesn't come with a plug? It's not your misses he stole, was it?
  7. Attitude Era's new season has started with WrestleMania 13, bringing them back to their best. It's got a Honky Tonk Man impression that left me in pieces on the walk from work.
  8. Took a piss next to Cillian Murphy in the Crane Lane Theatre in Cork about four years ago. I said nothing to him. My more tactless compatriot who flanked him looked him dead in the dick and very, very loudly said "CILLIAN MURPHY. THANK YOU. FOR THE MOVIES".
  9. Brock's a mercenary. He'd drop the strap to Samir Singh if duty called. In all seriousness I do think the Seth fire picked up a bit again this week on Raw. I'm still into him winning. For most of the past year even his detractors around these parts had to shrug and concede that his weekly reactions were brilliant. It's proper wrestling that one of the things that's taking away from it at present is that fucking Roman Vs. Brock is getting bandied about again as a money match!
  10. Yeah, the characters are the main problem. The Vestrits are almost like that crap new family that come into EastEnders and dominate a few months of the telly when you're missing your old faves. Plus the Fitz books give you the whole beery Northern vibe with the Six Duchies, which I favour over the Liveship's whole slavery-in-the-sun vibe that you see repeated across the genre. I find it much easier to chug through fantasy when it's first person narrative, too. Especially when your narrator's got a psychotic, sexually perverted wolf in his head.
  11. Second part of this series. Anyone into her? Started hounding nothing but fantasy at the start of winter as I usually do but I'm still on the train. Battered through Mistborn and loved it, ditto for Warbreaker and Elantris. Loved Name of the Wind but struggled a bit with Wise Man's Fear and gave up 200 pages in, so went for the Farseer Trilogy instead, by Hobb. Not liking the Liveship books half as much so far, but I'm a stickler for chronological order and I've been told it pays off once I get back to the characters from the Farseer books.
  12. I'm inclined to agree. It's become such a myopic "Do it for the moment!" thing that if anything it's a slight on the title. And yes, I know there's literal dozens of examples of worse runs and worse champions, but I still don't think the belt should be switched to net a hashtag and YouTube clip. Run wise I'd much rather Bryan beat him. I'd also much rather Seth go over, since we're playing "where's the heel win coming from?" this year. There's your real WM style narrative endpoint. The emerging Shawn Michaels of his era finally dethroning Big Bad Brock for all the people who watch the TV week in, week out. If it has to be one or the other, give it to Seth. The Kofi thing can be milked further.
  13. The IRA? Say it ain't so. I know you probably didn't intent it to come across that official, but this was likely two fucking airheads with burn holes in their trackies putting packages together over a few cans. They're an unfortunate fringe nuisance with virtually no mandate whatsoever from anyone on this little green island. 'The' IRA - who I'm not defending either by any stretch - went way pass nWo 2000 status years and years ago.
  14. That Charlotte response is one of the best things she's ever done, in an already highly decorated run. The shoot stuff has been the absolute shits - mostly because Rousey just sort of seems like the person you don't want strong arming their way into a discussion of any great importance in the office - but that's sort of on me and I'm probably being worked a bit, too. She's getting heat, after all. I do think in general that the whole palaver over worked shoots gets blown way out of proportion by us lot. Nobody wants a Russo-esque Bash at the Beach 2000 repeat, but by the same token I was quite surprised when I came on here on Tuesday morning after what I thought was a pretty shit hot Triple H promo to see a bunch of people have a conniption because he drops lines like "this is not the character". I thought in that case it was a pretty believable, entertaining manipulation of kayfabe. So has much of Lesnar's run lately. That stuff has a place, as long as it's not too bad.
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