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  1. That's a nice find. This is the kind of nondescript stuff that would make a Network subscriber of me again. They didn't half ape that very turn of the millenium, sports package techno-rock crossover stuff in their last two years. All that Warp records hand me down style stuff that'd wake you up if you fell asleep in front of Eurosport at four in the morning. You can't even whistle the final Nitro theme. It has no discernible melody. It's just sheer madness. The last few months of WCW make me sad. It would have been funnier if it went under a year or two prior when they had wa
  2. Decent show. I really wish they'd get even a dozen people banging on plexiglass, though. It's bananas how my opinion has fluctuated on stuff like this in the last year, oscillating between not wanting to be reminded of living in a dystopia by watching empty arenas and actually craving the scheduled normality of it as a release. A handful of plants now amounts to a passable atmosphere, and I wish they'd do it. No major problem with Striker, here. He's daft at times, but I appreciate how he does seem to throw his backside into it. It was far more authoritative commentary than Josh Matthews
  3. Outer Worlds on the Game Pass has been a delightful surprise. It's developed by Obsidian so it's essentially New Vegas in space. I had to look up if it done good business (it did) because I couldn't quite believe how it never came up on my radar. It's not re-inventing the wheel or anything, but it's dependable as fuck. I don't expect this to be a popular opinion, but I played Red Dead 2 for the first time over Christmas as well, and this is far superior. I gave Red Dead a good 10-15 hours and was more than attuned to the idea of having a slower experience, but ultimately I just found it b
  4. Gay as FOOK


    Her peak for me was with DX in 98. She was quietly getting over all year as a cool as fuck enforcer without being too exposed yet. That monster pop Triple H got in the SummerSlam ladder match - for me - was a pop for the pair of them, considering it was Chyna hitting Rock in the nuts that allowed the least cool member of DX to climb the ladder. I didn't mind her in 1999. She was clearly still getting over and was a huge part of their shows. But once she joined the Corporation and started speaking on the mic with that voice of hers, I was off it. I remember loving her winning the women's
  5. Stevie Richards rules. One of those guys I rate just on that "I smile when I see him" factor. Remember seeing him in a few shoots and one of those between the ropes things years ago as well and he definitely comes across like one of the good guys. He'll show you! You'll see!
  6. I don't think that's too surprising anymore. Cannabis has become ridiculously ubiquitous in America and has proper transcended being a counterculture horse to flog in the political arena. Older Republicans might be more sceptical of it but even the MAGA lot are sceptical of them. A lot of these guys are self styled militia outlaws. I imagine pot goes hand in hand with conspiracy theories for many of those that stormed Capitol the other day. CTE and smoking bowls 24/7 has proper fucked with Val. This is deep end stuff.
  7. "You ain't half the boy Nate was! You ain't even half the boy that the top half of Nate was after you cut him in half!" - Walk Hard
  8. Casual anti semitism and pro-Israeli sentiments are both very much on brand for some of this lot, it's not like cognitive dissonance is much of a problem for them elsewhere.
  9. "That's for John Lennon, ya yankee fucking cunt." - In Bruges It's Ray's dogged perception of the couple being American and eventual fallout. The whole thing breaks me.
  10. The revolution can certainly count on a solid $1000 from the American tight arse himself.
  11. I'm pretty sure the flashbulbs for Hogan/Rock, and yeah it was very off the cuff. It wasn't even particularly said with much enthusiasm. It was a genuine call, all the better for it.
  12. I would be interested in seeing Yakashi's Jericho top ten, endless repository of negative points that he is.
  13. Regal and Triple H are posing like my mam and dad after I made my first communion, there.
  14. I really, really hope he keeps signing up under different usernames.
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