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  1. When they kill off Phil Mitchell, the UKFF is going to go down with one of those server errors for the week out of respect.
  2. They'll turn it around in time for the new TV deal, whenever the current one expires. They're bound to get less for it, but you can be sure they've accounted for that with dirty oil smeared peacock feathers and other revenue streams. It wouldn't surprise me beyond that if Raw wasn't even booked anymore to be watched in the traditional sit down manner. They're probably fully aware they're stitching together a bunch of YouTube clips of varying potential and shoving it out onto dead air once a week. It's essentially a three hour premier for social media content. Does their streaming busine
  3. I imagine the most difficult part of having Vince in your ear nowadays is trying to decode what he's trying to say, considering he increasingly sounds halfway between a voice modulated ransom call and the guy from Cannibal Corpse.
  4. Was also surprised by Bryan's reaction, actually. What's the logic the usual suspects have there, I wonder? He got some fairly audible booing during the ring introductions. It's probably fair to suggest the two nights got more of a local crowd than usual, too. Not sure how many people in the U.S. are travelling state to state for events right now or what difference it would have made, but there's no way it'd have been the same heavy contingent of hardcore fans most years get. Even the few shots of the crowd showed a fairly varied selection of people who mostly just looked happy to be the
  5. I lost it when he came out in that garb and started going "Yo, yo, yo" for no apparent reason. He looked more baked than usual, too. They'll never get that Babe Ruth they want who is both fully committed to the cause and doesn't have a 'Controversies' section on their Wikipedia page, will they? Night 2 was a definite step down. Didn't mind blazing through it this morning though with liberal use of the skip ahead button during those slogs with all the adverts and recaps. I know WrestleMania should aspire to being more than a half watched laptop balancing on my belly, but whatever. I had z
  6. Death Stranding was too much too much for as well for me, and I'm a massive fan of Kojima convolution. I'd still rather developers finding their way to having a go at putting out insane shit like that as triple A titles every year, though, than remasters of 360 era classics and an endless procession of survival games and looter shooters. I hated it, eventually, but I'm still actively encouraging it. It's great that that game happened, and that a lot of people liked it as much as they did.
  7. If they piped in crowd noise, then they must have done a real subtle job of it because the crowd wasn't very noticeable for much of the night. Which for a fraction of the capacity in an open air stadium wasn't really something you could find too disappointing, but I didn't notice very many abrupt, high pitched spikes in volume you'd usually associate with piped in noise. Whilst you could tell they were definitely hot for the big matches, the distancing did seem to make it hard to get any structured chants going. It was basically just cheering and booing.
  8. I'd imagine they wouldn't want to associate themselves too closely with the other superfans. Vlad gets a pass - he's been there for years just being himself - but the rest of them are an odd bunch. I'd be surprised for all their levels of fandom is they were into anything outside the WWE. Lesnar guy, the green t-shirt guy and the fella with the stencilled dinner jacket all seem like the kind of people who smell faintly of Dorito dust, grin when they fart in hotel elevators, and let the internet know as soon as they've woken up in the morning. The E are usually canny enough not to associate the
  9. It really says a lot about Jerry Lawler that on a show with that tag turmoil match and a storm intermission, he was the worst thing on it by a considerable distance. Is there anyone out there who didn't exhale a sigh when he was announced as a special guest commentator? I enjoyed it otherwise, though. Even with a third capacity or whatever it was, it felt very much like business as usual once things got going. And like the last year has proved, business as usual looks a whole lot better now for just about anything. Sarah Schreiber and the new Irish guy deserve credit for getting th
  10. Is it live discussion when the show is on hold? I'm not sure. The absurdity of it all has just capsized me and I need to let off. At least we've gotten some spontaneous promos out of it.
  11. He'll be in the warehouse one day, by mutual consent.
  12. Those things in the stands remind me of a giant game of Guess Who?
  13. Those clouds look legit great with the ship set. As long as it doesn't dampen anyone's enthusiasm! I'm sure it won't, I just know I'm the kind of guy who curls inwards and gets sulky as soon as a drop touches his head. Edit: Getting less trivial. Looks like fans are being told evacuated their seats and wait in the concourses. Wonder could the start be delayed?
  14. Loved them all, but Bryan won it for me. Before he even got into it, him going on about looking forward to WrestleMania made me look forward to it. That part reminded me of his "So let me tell you some of the things that I love" part of his retirement speech. What a wonderful dude.
  15. Completely suckered in by that reveal video. This weekend's all about the fans and performers at the end of the day. Everyone's going to have a great time, and it'll probably be special enough to elevate the show.
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