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  1. That ladder match was cack. I nearly feel bad for saying it, because they busted their arses for it and hey, gimmick match on Raw, but it was all over the shop. Just weird pace and positioning. A lot of stuff that looked like those moments when you'd get your mate to stop fighting you on Smackdown so you could take his controller and sort of guide him to setting up an impressive looking spot (which, fair enough, is every ladder match since about 2005). I'm not sure did the botches throw off the rhythm or did the lack of rhythm to begin with precipitate them, but it was an odd one. Best part was Zelina standing up top of the ladder. She owned the screen. Decent show, though. Seth's so much better as a heel, and he's doing it different to the corporate run he had last time around. There's a lot of Punk's Straight Edge Society in there, and it suits him brilliantly. Can't wait until everyone starts cheering him so much that they gut him into being a bland face again and then have a shit attack when that doesn't work.
  2. I'd be alright with Rylan taking Scott Stanford's job.
  3. Makes sense. The JD would, as you say, be for chords and pads whilst the Mono I'm going to be using for slippery, acid style leads which it really excels at. I guess my logic in putting the reverb there would be to give a bit of air to those leads so they don't just cut in all brittle to the rest of the mix. I have this vague notion in my head of how it's all going to go, so we'll see! You've made me realize I'd love delay for the Mono too though. Another piece of gear in my future, then! Watch as I do copy and paste Kevin & Perry trance and drown the whole thing in as much reverb as possible.
  4. Interesting advice! I had it the other way because the mono sounds quite brittle and dry by itself. The JDs on board reverb isn't the best but it's already the lusher of the two. Definitely going to try the pedal out on both but my thinking is that it won't be too great with my current schtick of playing the JDs 4 tracks live since I don't want big glistening reverb on the whole playback, drum kits and all. Good to hear from someone familiar with the gear though.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adam_Pearce Adam Pearce, Smackdown producer and apparently a pretty nice bloke. The last time I remember being bamboozled by something like that was John Laurinaitis when Punk won the title in Chicago. That had a genuinely cool Montreal vibe to it, though, which they ensured to run with and hammer him into the ground as an on air figure. I doubt the same will happen here. Seems like a nice touch of acceptable realism. A producer should be able to tell wrestlers their match is happening, right? Anything is better than random wrestlers being able to book themselves and change the format of things, which I despise. Something like that happened in the opening segment of Raw this week.
  6. I love this thread. I've been going on about this in the Music Project thread but I feel like I can chuck in a positive contribution here too, since I'm fairly proud of this. I knocked the hooch on the head last October and decided to use the money to build a little wee home studio as a hobby. So here's a window into what my 2020 recreational time looks like! Still awaiting a sweet reverb pedal for the Korg, and an small mixer to tie it all together.
  7. Added a Korg Monologue to the setup. Since I'm doing everything fairly DAWless, I wanted an extra board to do leads/basses/FX on top of the four tracks already on the Roland. This thing sounds filthy. It's basically an acid machine. All the presets sound like Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2 or Aphex at his piss taking, harsh sounding best. Have a small mixer on the way as well, and an Oceans 11 reverb pedal. That'll be chiefly for the Monologue, to turn its monophonic notes into big, sweeping sounds. Can't wait for them to arrive to tie it all together. That'll be me sorted for awhile then. I think. I'll probably be back on Thomann in a few weeks like a junkie, getting a drum machine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrQrk566Nys Decided to chuck myself up jamming a video game track I'm sure some of you have memories of. Appealing to the dork demographic to build up a few views, but it's a fun way of learning how to layer and build tracks!
  8. Could never get into Smash Brothers either. Played it in big groups on a projector when night shifting Supercell's outsourced player support. I'm sure it has plenty of depth, but it didn't betray any of it to me and I wasn't arsed enough to get invested since everybody else was just button mashing it too. To me it's just an on screen migraine, hallowed ground or not. Mind you I was never a Nintendo guy growing up, and I'm sure it'd mean a lot more to me had those expansive cast of characters had the years to endear themselves to me. That goes for Nintendo as a whole, really. I can appreciate the gameplay, and again I'm soiling hallowed ground here, but none of those first party titles have ever been 'my' games, and that kills their systems for me. People go on about the Switch being a bit of a trend breaker for Nintendo but I still don't see it having a particularly welcoming amount of titles outside your usual big boys. I can easily see it doing the usual Nintendo thing of having maybe another generation wave of sequels to their mainline titles, the units sold hitting a ceiling, and another sudden reset button being pressed where everyone again ogles at a new system with a new gimmick. "Look, it's got a Zelda!". Rinse and repeat. It's a pointless argument, because if you love those titles the above will mean sod all to you, but just for a bit of balance considering seemingly everyone is sold on the Switch now. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a game of Halo: Reach on the go. The textures are slightly better this time, and all!
  9. Submitting myself for the girly haired bastards end of things. I'm on the left.
  10. Heh, I get a bit of this. He was brilliant as a pissant heel in the early days of the brand split. By 2005 he turned into a proper also ran who could have done a quick bit of business with Cena - maybe taking the title off him for a month or two - before he opted to big fish small pond it in TNA. He was fantastic against Orton, too, in his "my mate retired so here I am" run in 2011. I can buy him being the more entertaining of the two but in terms of who deserved to be the bigger star, it was still always going to be Edge. And I can't forgive the shudder generating hand claps he used to do to get the crowd going at the start of the matches. Or his mental yellow tan.
  11. Dad's glovebox. Jesus.
  12. Time definitely hasn't been kind to him - and I think that's because he was never a classic promo or a classic match without bells and whistles - but I totally bought Edge being on top, at the time. And regardless of how he got there, I think it's slightly revisionist to think he only succeeded because business was in the pits. 2006-2008, his peak, were boom years compared to what we've got nowadays. At the time we were still busy comparing Raw overnights to the Attitude Era to really appreciate it, but things were in very good shape for those years. And Edge was as bankable a heel hand as you could get for a lot of that time. They'd be able to quite comfortably put the belt on him when your top babyface got injured, got busted for pot etc and the show would go on as normal. His main event with 'Taker had great heat going in and managed to stand up for itself on a card that also had Flair's retirement and Mayweather. He's not mount rushmore, but WWE don't even bother trying to sell him as such really. He's also the first big guy to get a ludicrous amount of titles that you can't really remember, and that's perhaps oversold him in peoples imaginations somewhat. Take 2-3 of his best world title runs and leave it at that and the whole Edge story would have made more sense.
  13. Lana's got that Sable 99 fuck off heat now. She's good in her role but it feels like she's been the main character of the show forever, and she really shouldn't be, regardless of what she might think to the contrary.
  14. I watched it. Malvo's pretty much nailed it. It's just so arid, autopilot, pointless. If they've not already covertly binned all their human show writers to save money then they're even stupider than they seem on television, because a simple algorithm could come up with this stuff each week. That's not an attempt at a joke either. This is a GM sim mode running on auto with a limited cast and budget. Nevermind guest hosts, they ought to have guest writers. Just make something happen. And to pre empt the "why do you do it to yourself" question, my job more or less allows me to. And wrestling is the best possible thing to have on the second screen as I'm not going to start following some decent drama in the office.
  15. Eno's Music for Airports is still my go to for bouts of anxiety. It's still got one up on all of these specialised 'relaxation' playlists on YouTube which can often delve into this trippy forced relaxation headspace which comes off a bit naff (herself gets the heebie-jeebies from supposedly 'chill out' music which too easily becomes alien and psychedelic which I never understood for ages but now makes total sense). In Eno's own words his ambient stuff was to be "as interesting as it is ignorable". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNwYtllyt3Q&t=2331s Medicine. Then for a bit of get up and go it's usually Shamen's Move Any Mountain. I'm a sucker for 90s dance with the right amount of cheese.
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