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  1. Gay as FOOK

    WWE HOF 2020

    TNA Christian had a smack of settling for being the big fish in a small pond, but right before he left there was serious momentum behind him being a crowd favourite. I remember watching the Vengeance triple threat that year with Chris Jericho and Cena, and Christian was by far the most over guy with the live audience. It was probably one of my first experiences of "no this is who we like, thank you very much." I remember Powerslam articles around the time Cena started to take heat that would go along the lines of "unless they change things up - and fast - John will likely be looking back on his career and wondering why he couldn't quite be up there with Christian and Carlito Caribbean Cool."
  2. Gay as FOOK

    WWE HOF 2020

    Going down the "It's meaningless anyway, go nuts" route, I'm trying to think of real toe the line entries that'd still be in with a fair shout somewhere down the road. For all his idiocy, a part of me can easily hear the inevitable induction package in my head: "This harbinger of Attitude continues to divide fans the world over, but one thing is for sure, we can never forget the name Vince Russo."
  3. Gay as FOOK

    WWE HOF 2020

    The apparent reluctance to just give X-Pac the solo nod is bizarre. I can't see any other reason why they'd chuck him in with the nWo, considering he was just a bit player and is associated with it more through being pals with Nash and Hall than anything he done on WCW television back in the day. Everybody knows that classic nWo Cool is just the original trio. Put some balls into a proper X-Pac induction. The guy more than deserves it. At this point he'll be chucked in with Prince Albert and Justin Credible too before they ever get to it.
  4. If anyone seriously still cares that Meltzer might be biased - or on Khan's guestlists - he tore into the product a bit on WOR this week. He wasn't entirely derogatory, but he said Dynamite's too easily getting mired in the kind of garbage that NXT avoids. Marathon, not a sprint, but NXT's definitely buzzed off the television more in the last two weeks or so. It even seems louder when it comes on. A lot of the flow of Dynamite seems a bit rudderless. Also you've had a few months now to sort out your cues and mixing desks. There's far too much dead air when they're waiting for someone's music to start up each week. It's brilliant that NXT's bringing its A game, though. It's fun to compare the two - it's even fun to pick sides within reason - but the whole thing's basically fucking brilliant.
  5. Who needs a moveset when you've got the psychology of it nailed.
  6. I know his appearances sans Brock are limited - and the heat he gets coming out without a theme is hugely effective - but it wouldn't have been the worst idea in the world to have Heyman keep using Cult of Personality. The song suits him more than anyone, and it'd be a great troll tactic. This is total internet booking, but I'd honestly dig Punk's return being Heyman coming out to it repeatedly, fucking everyone off, only to have the real McCoy eventually show up once Heyman's already in the ring or using his old Killswitch Engage theme.
  7. That the tune goes "Make some noise! X-Pac" and not "mmmMLLEX-PAC! X-Pac".
  8. Something funny about Rollins desperately trying to get the rub from Punk, so not him. It's got to be Punk Vs. Bryan, for me. Minimum chance of the crowd mucking it up, since they wank over both guys. And there's a nice natural story that Punk opened up the door for guys like Bryan, with Bryan going on top at WrestleMania XXX at the same time Punk decided to relinquish his indie throne/took his ball and went home/whatever the angle is etc. Wouldn't mind a Joe match either, though.
  9. Batista's been doing big business on Twitter.
  10. The Jericho stuff is essentially how the Hardyz were booking themselves in TNA. You wouldn't wanna do it all over the show, but "Here's your segment. Go wild" really can be a beautiful thing.
  11. I didn't really notice the entrance music on the night being quieter than normal. Are you sure you didn't just have your stream turned down a bit? I doubt anyone's investment in the match was predefined by them thinking it was an Airborne tune. Or whatever it is you're trying to convey. I honestly have no idea.
  12. If NXT's viewing figures go near the other two shows, then I'd give the bigger share of credit to the dwindling star power of those shows rather than anything NXT is doing. NXT's just trucking along doing it's usual thing. Raw's spent a few years now becoming a longer, more overproduced version of it with Brock Lesnar attached. Mauro was shite. I enjoyed the show as a whole,though.
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