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TUF - McGregor vs Chandler Discussion Thread


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5 hours ago, wandshogun09 said:

What’s the holdup, Con? What’s the delay? 

Wasn't he in Road House or something? Has it finished filming? If so, he probably had to get on some of the supplements to get himself looking the part for the movie. Nothing that we don't see the likes of The Rock, Chris Hemsworth or other action movie actors doing.

I imagine he'll cycle off and then get back into the testing pool in time for his bout with Chandler.

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McGregor‘s still not in the USADA testing pool. Spouting some drivel about not having to do the 6 months everyone else does and just needing to pass 2 tests to be good to go. USADA seem to disagree though;

He’s full of shite. Imagine the moaning him and his weird bumlick fans/worshippers would be doing if one of his opponents was pulling this cack? Fuck, Aldo was getting accused of all sorts before and after their fight just based on a couple of strategically chosen side by side pics. When this series of TUF was announced all the talk was that the McGregor vs Chandler fight would likely go down in Aug/Sep. If he does have to do 6 months in the USADA pool then August is out, he’s already fucked about too long for that to be an option. And he’s gonna have to get in there sharpish to make September. No doubt there’ll be some fuckery and rule bending because it’s Dana’s favourite but McGregor dragging his feet on this isn’t a good look however you explain it. 

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'The rules permit the UFC to make an exception' seems very strange. It sounds like USADA are saying that Dana can effectively over rule them? If he's going to do that with anyone, it will be with McGregor for a mobster summer PPV

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