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The 100% Made From Girders North Britain Football League 2022/23 Chit-Chat Thread


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2 hours ago, westlondonmist said:

Are FC Zurich any good? Hearts could get past them I think

Hearts might scramble a draw at home but I'll be surprised if they don't get pasted away. The standard of the Swiss league is far better than Scotland.

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2 hours ago, Keith Houchen said:

About that…

I'm a Tim so quite happy but surprised. I thought that they would get a goalless draw to be honest and take that back home. USG weren't even at home. While USG did well last season they lost their manager and their top scorers. I wasn't sure how well they would cope. 

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1 hour ago, David said:

So, will we see Rangers crash and burn tonight? 

Let's hope so.

It depends, if Rangers aren't a goal up by half time then I can see their fans turning on them and making it difficult for them. But I still think that they will do it, USG lost to a Mechelen team with Bolingoli in it at the weekend. Of course I hope they don't. 


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13 hours ago, Daaaaaad! said:

Not sure anything will outdo losing 3-0 on aggregate to a club your own youth team managed to beat a mere four years ago, but I guess at least it’ll pile more embarrassment onto the state of Scottish football at a European level.

You'll know that since that youth team win Sligo have improved leaps and bounds, both in infrastructure and performance on the park, but regardless of how the Mighty Well perform in Europe, it's always a real treat watching Rangers falter in any competition.

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What the fuck was that? I don't really know what they tried to do. They didn't park the bus, they didn't press, they just stood and watched AZ play football. I don't know what was more embarrassing, the keeper, Jack Ross, the fan with a Dundde United European tour tee or the fan that fell asleep. Their fans had travelled but lots of them had left before half time. 

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32 minutes ago, westlondonmist said:

Their fans had travelled but lots of them had left before half time. 


In all seriousness, must be shite for the Dundee United fans who travelled. I did suspect they wouldn't see it through but this was like Berti Vogts in a European Championship playoff levels of collapse. Particularly cruel, I thought, was the way the broadcasters took the time to send someone outside to film the fans leaving as the game continued on about the 75min mark. Just a further indictment of the sheer gap between the SPFL Premiership and its European counterparts.

Jack Ross's teams usually have a good start then burn out, but this is record time.

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Quite remarkable. Pleased for Steven Hammell as he was a mainstay of my teams on Championship Manager 4.

In my naivety I wondered if James McFadden would have gone for the job, was there ever any discussion around that or is he comfy on the couch next to other Berti Vogts call-ups?

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