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2022 Peacock/Network thread: Where the Big Boys still play.

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So in what could be construed as a relapse for my already shaky moral compass, I threw WWE another month's sub just before Christmas. It was a bit of a heady time for me, and sometimes being able to pull up all that classic content on demand when you get some time to yourself can be too much to resist. 

Checking out the news this morning, and it seems like they're doing pretty well for themselves on Peacock too, as per Fightful:


...more than three million Peacock subscribers have watched WWE content on the streaming platform since it became available in March. 

The report goes on to say "more than half of those 3 million subs indicated that they signed up 'because of WWE.'"

Finally, the report states that of the 1.1 million WWE Network subscribers, one million successfully converted to Peacock.

WWE and Peacock announced the merger in January 2021 with content merging beginning on March 18. Peacock has become the home for WWE Premium Events, including the most recent WWE Day 1 event.

In July 2021, WWE President Nick Khan commented on the partnership and increasing numbers by saying, "Since moving to Peacock, viewership of our pay-per-view events have increased with Backlash up 26%, Hell in a Cell up 25%, and Money in the Bank up 46% from their prior-year performance on what was the standalone WWE Network. These viewership numbers are also up considerably from our pre-pandemic WWE Network numbers."

That's surely brilliant business for WWE, and solidifies the notion that networks will pay top dollar for access to their IP. 

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36 minutes ago, simonworden said:

How's the app/site these days? One of the deciding factors in my cancellation of the nerwork was half the time having what I was watching constantly buffering. Always hoped they'd add a download function to allow binge watching on flights etc 

It's still the wild west. Site's not too bad - it can sometimes fail to timestamp stuff into your continue watching - but the app is atrocious, at least on Xbox. 

Seems to be the luck of the draw what experience you end up having, though. 

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