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WWE scrapping COVID testing


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Felt this was worth a thread of it’s own.

Fightful Select has learned that WWE informed their talent that COVID testing is no longer required.

Think they had a bit of an outbreak this week that meant they had to put an NXT title match on their MSG show and fly Edge in as they had neither Big E or Roman there.

Roman is surely vulnerable and would be silly not to consider his options here.

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Just now, Merzbow said:

Gotta wonder how Owens feels, resigning just to find out that they really don't give a shit about you or your families health.

Let's be honest anyone that signs for this lot knows what they are signing on for. 

Ignorance or naivety isn't an excuse anymore. He's made his bed. 

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1 hour ago, Your Fight Site said:

Let’s just hope it’s not a hospital bed.

A bed of lillies.

EDIT: oh, Merzbow means "re-signing", In that case I really hope not. Not just for the sake of everyone's health, but I bet that not one contracted superstar succumbing to COVID making this idiotic shitfest change its mind.

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19 minutes ago, 69MeDon said:

Thought it's worth noting that apparently none of the top execs were at Raw last night: no Vince, Bruce etc. Show was run by Johnny Ace and Ed Kosky. Obviously didn't want to catch Covid, which makes it all the more shitty that they've pulled this move with the testing.

I mean that's a huge assumption no?

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