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1 hour ago, Glenryck Pilchards said:
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Bizarrely there was a wrestling question on last night's episode, which I got after three pictures. 

Spoilers from last night.

Same here.


I was mortified not to get it sooner. I was certain it was something to do with 90s bands after the first clue.


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He fits he puzzle better than the other option I had, and adds a little more "red herring" as there's another category he could fit into.

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On 3/2/2021 at 10:19 AM, jazzygeofferz said:

It was a good connecting wall.


Here's my own effort: https://puzzgrid.com/grid/44084

I got 1 connection and 2 themes.


I got the WWE/WCW champions one, but on the basis they were people who main evented against Hogan so I never got the theme. I got the wrestlers who appeared in WCW/WWE and ECW theme but never made the connection, because Rick Rude, Sid and Dusty Rhodes also appeared in all three promotions.


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