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Knock off food that is somehow better than the food its ripping off.


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13 minutes ago, Keith Houchen said:

Bet he likes Coldplay as well.Ā 

Coldplay are great Keith. Come back to me when you've written a song better than the "whoooa oooooh oooooooh" one :)


7 minutes ago, appalling_daniel said:

I was under the impression that Waitrose shopping tory toffs like Coldplay

2001 wants it's insult back.

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Never was a big fan of Milky Ways so I donā€™t know if these were better or worse than the originals. But my Dad being a tight bastard used to come home with these occasionally and the name always raised a chuckle.


Wild & Whippy, I ask you.Ā Sounds like somethingĀ that would be coming up after the 10 minute freeview onĀ Television X back in the 90s.Ā 

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