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2 minutes ago, SuperBacon said:

One of the greatest songs of all time. 

If you want to study how to build and layer a song, then study that. Just when you think its peaked, it adds something else and takes it to another level.

Liam's drums really were untouchable.

Liam's one of the greatest producers of all time. Those sample breakdowns of what he's done on YouTube are insane. You watch them and think "It'd be easier if you just programmed the drum machines yourself, because you obviously already know the sound you want" but therein lies the genius. He took the awkward route of turning something that could be considered by some to be stealing into the most insane jigsaw puzzle of turning old records into this fucked up metal/punk/industrial/rave sound from the future. He's definitely an anti celebrity compared to the stature his talent warrants. I remember reading years ago Madonna was begging for him as a producer for one of her turn of the century albums. He doesn't seem arsed though. 

Dude can DJ like a motherfucker too:



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I don't know whether this is the right place to stick this, but I managed to get onto my old hard drive from my PC, found a mix I did on Mixxx years and years ago without headphones, and stuck it on my Soundcloud. It's a touch rough, and all over the place, and there's more than a couple of Soulwax remixes on it, but here it is.


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Fred Again & Brian Eno have finally released their collaboration album and it’s an absolute stunner. 

It’s Fred stripped back to his bare bones and Eno making everything sound so haunting. 

Two thumbs all the way up from me.


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