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Wrestling related banter with your mates


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Anyone willing to break kayfabe and expose wrestling related inside banter you have with your mates? Here's mine...

- The initial answer to any question sent via text will be "because I'm bizarre" (British Bulldog Royal Rumble reference)


Me: why did you pull out of the stag doo? My mate: Because I'm bizarre. Nah Lyndz is away the same weekend.

- say R.S.P.C.T. in relation to any sentence relating to "respect" (Ultimate Warrior in ring face off with Macho Man reference from Summer Slam 92)

eg: that fuckin prick showed a complete lack of R.S.P.C.T.

- call Tito Santana "Freeto Santana" at every given opportunity (reference to Andre interview botch from late 80s)

- say "as far <insert anything> goes, eh, is concerned, that was a complete accident" (reference to Davey Boy at Rebellion 98) 

eg: as far as that handball from last night goes, eh, is concerned, that was a complete accident 

- say "long from here" (in reference to Warrior's crazy promo when he says he was "sent in a capsule from a place long from here")

eg: how long from here is Newcastle to get to? 

- say "look at the adjective, play" at any given opportunity (Kevin Nash nWo promo botch)

eg: taking the wee one to soft play. Look at the adjective - play.

- say "what kind of disgusting, dispi... despicable, lack of respect" at any given opportunity (Lex Luger Superbrawl Saturday promo botch reference)

eg: what kind of disgusting, dispi... dispicable, lack of respect does that Boris what's his name show...

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Only when ripping apart soap opera storylines with the wife, with a mix of booking jargon and bastardised quotes from this place. Faces, heels, getting over (when they frantically throw half a dozen storylines at a new character), main event run (for when they give a lower cast member a big storyline, eg ginger Gary in Corrie becoming top heel (an example shamelessly robbed from here)), etc.

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"You'll never believe how many times they've done the 'talking about wrestling with mates / family' thread on UKFF!" I say to my imaginary friends every time this topic is made, while writing "You're a turd, bro!" in my kids' homework diaries.

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