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Autocorrect gimmick changes


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Have you ever been typing a wrestler’s name and your autocorrect decides it knows best, changing the name?

Has that newly corrected name actually turned out to be an excellent new gimmick for that wrestler?

I was chatting to a friend on Messenger about Hideo Itami tonight and autocorrect decided to call him Hideous Itami.

What a bloody good new gimmick that could be.

Hideous Itami, ugly on the outside, uglier on the inside. He’ll fuck you up for being better looking and happier than him. Because he’s Hideous.


Anyone encountered anything similar? Turn on your predictive text and see what new gimmicks you come up with.


Edit: just so mods know, this thread was not created as an excuse to do puns! Genuine autocorrects only.

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Ted Finished. The Million Dollar Man falls from grace when it transpires that Money Inc was just a cover for his tag partner to investigate him for tax fraud.

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Same concept, different technical age, from a 1995 column:



This month, after a spell of writer's block, I decided to let my computer play with a couple of hundred wrestlers' names and spellcheck them for alternatives. It soon became apparent where our ticket money goes.

            Apparently Tamon Honda is a tampon hound, whilst Stan Hansen has claimed his tobacco chewing caused a stained harness. Keiji Muto went to a restaurant to order Kiev Mutton. Mashahiro Chono was unpaid though, as he is a chin masher. Unfortunately their ally Hiroshi Hase disappeared in a Hiroshima haze.

            Antonio Inoki cannot be contacted, as he has an inky antenna; beware though, as Riki Choshu would be a rich choice. Chris Benoit bought time on public access televangelism, arguing there is a bent Christ, whilst Jushin Liger has spent the cash repairing his broken leg, so he will no longer be known as Justin linger. Tony Halme is entering theatre, taking on the role of tonne Hamlet.

            Over in the car factories, Atsushi Onita has been conferring with astute auntie, whilst Tarzan Goto has retired to breed tartan goats. Tiger Jeet Singh is writing a book, claiming that his tiger jeep sings. Meanwhile Toshiyo Yamada has opened an electrical goods store named Toshibo Yamaha.

            Akira Maeda is still recovering from the shock of finding his maid afire, and Los Payasos were found in the grocer's buying loose peas. Hogan is hogging the glory, whilst 'The Natural' unfortunately spent his paycheck on a Rhodesian dustbin. Jeff Jarrett's new business involves religious persecution; he believes in the jew garrotte.

            The unpaid Lex Luger can now only lug lager, whilst Bundy has been exposed as a King Conga Bunny. Jerry Lawler, after narrowly escaping jail last year, has replaced his jerky lawyer, though his low pay policy means stars such as Doug Gilbert can still only afford a diet of dog giblets.

            Vince has bought vice and Hakushi is looking for hookers. Sabu has invested his money in a new Saab, whilst the Rock 'n' Roll Express were not paid as they were revealed as a rich moron and a robber gibbon. Whatever money paid will be wasted on the Great Sasuke though; he is suffering from great seasick.


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