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WWE launches new U.K. series - NXT UK

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Can both of you shut up please?


Good.  Too many low rent "Companies" playing at being Vince as it is.  If your business model doesn't account for wages and safety, then you shouldn't be operating.

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Just throwing a random thought out there as I've just recalled he works for the company - wonder if Jezza Borash might end up effectively running NXT UK?

His missus is British & he was spending a bunch of time over here when he was with TNA - not sure if that's still the case - but you've got to figure he'd be pretty open to settling here?

I said way back when they did the Norwich shows that if/when it became a regular show & I couldn't envisage them sending the same level of 'production' crew they did then to every single taping (Hunter/Armstrong/Regal/Corino/Bloom) so you'd think Borash would be an able deputy, with a local support crew?

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Perhaps some British veterans will be recruited to support over time, although most would need training on WWE style in terms of ring work, knowing camera angles, what the company is looking for in terms of a production etc. But I expect the first few will have people working from the Performance Center and Full Sail tapings to help out with perhaps more independence later. 

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I believe part of the reason they brought Johnny Moss to the Performance Center was with the goal to set him up as head trainer/producer for NXT UK, so I imagine it'll be him along with a local crew rather than flying people in.

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Regal’s book is one I’ve wanted to read for ducking ages, but it’s slways going for stupid money on eBay.

Im sure he said on Austin’s podcast that he had a tryout with WWF in 1991, so I would imagine it was the Albert Hall show. Also seems to recall him saying on that podcast about selling dodgy VCRs

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