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Numpty Children

Gus Mears

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What things did you get totally wrong as a child? The kind of thing your Nan would go 'nawwwwhh' about and that you look back on thinking 'I find it impossible that I was that stupid at any point'.


I didn't understand the concept of gears in a car for a long time. So, until Dad explained to me otherwise, I used to think you had to a read a giant book which would tell you exactly which point on the road you had to change to a certain gear across the entire country. 


I also thought that 'Peking Duck' from down the Chinese was actually called  'Pecking Duck' you know, because duck's peck.


I still get the piss taken out of me at Christmas over the first one. 

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Saying fuck in front of my aged grandparents in their car while travelling along Oystermouth Road in Swansea was a mistake.  I was 5-ish.  My grandfather calmly pulled up outside the large victorian jail on the road, opened the door & ejected me on the pavement outside ... then drove off.  Granted they only drove around the block, but it was enough to cause me to be a tad upset.

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I genuinely believed as a child that people in "the olden times" were actually black and white because in black and white films and old tv footage.


EDIT: Same brain malfunctions as MungoChutney.

Yup, add me to this too.


Also as a very young kid, I was convinced only boys did poo's. It was unthinkable to me that girls would do that.

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