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2016 UKFF 50 - Pimping Thread


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Below is a list of just about every regular wrestler on the UK scene (and some who left for greener pastures but spent at least 3/4 of the year on the UK scene). You can consider them all eligible for this year's UKFF 50. The promotions after their names are the ones where they worked at least 4 matches this year. In the next few weeks I'll be popping in with YouTube clips to help you along - feel free to do the same - and I'll ask for votes at the end of the month, with the big reveal coming in January. It'd be nice to get a few people involved, but it will happen even if it's my 50 only...


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Aaron Echo (PBW, ICW)
Alexander Henry (NGW, Absolute, Target, NGW)
Alex Gracie (WCPW, Southside, LCW)
Alex Steele (Chaos)
Alex Windsor (formerly known as Liberty) (Southside, HOP:E, Bellatrix)
Amazon (also known as Ayesha Ray) (UPW)
Andy Boy Simmonz (UPW)
Andy Wild (WrestleZone, ICW)
April Davids (FutureShock)
Ashley Dunn (HOP:E)
Ashton Smith (FutureShock, PCW, Grand-Pro, Just Do)
Aspen Faith (WrestleZone, Source, Discovery)

Benton Destruction
Bete Noire
Big Daddy Walter (Progress)
Big Damo (ICW, RevPro, WCPW, Reckless Intent, Progress, Discovery)
Big Grizzly (PWP, ProEVO, Chaos, Dragon-Pro, UPW)
Brad O'Brien (WAW)
Bram (ICW)
Brandon Thomas (AWW)
Bruce (RevPro, UPW, Fight!Nation)
BT Gunn (ICW, GPWA, PBW, Target, Elite, BCW)
Bubblegum (PCW, NGW, Southside, Grand-Pro, Absolute, Just Do)

Carmel (ICW)
Caz Crash (NGW, Tidal)
Charlie Sterling (formerly Charlie Garrett) (PCW, OTT, RevPro, ProEVO, UPW, PWP, CSF, ATTACK!)
Chris Brookes (ATTACK!, Fight Club PRO, Southside, IPW:UK, VII-Pro, Kamikaze)
Chris Renfrew (ICW, Reckless Intent, Target, Elite)
Chris Ridgeway (ICW, HOP:E, Southside, Grand-Pro, PCW, Alpha-Omega)
Christopher Saynt (Reckless Intent, Discovery, Source)
Chris Tyler (HOP:E, Southside, LCW)
Chris Walker (PWP, CSF)
Chuck Cyrus (RCWA, Absolute)
Chuck Mambo (Progress)
Cieran Donnelly (IPW:UK)
CJ Banks (HOP:E)
Clint Margera (Fight Club PRO, IPW:UK, Kamikaze)
Colossus Kennedy (NGW)
Craig Kollins (Grand-Pro)
Crusher Lomaxx (PWP, 4FW, CSF)
Cyanide (Alpha-Omega, FutureShock, Grand-Pro)

Dahlia Black (Progress, WrestleForce, BEW)
Damian Dunne (ATTACK!, Fight Club PRO, Southside, Progress, Kamikaze)

Damien Corvin (OTT)
Damon Havok (Target)
Damon Leigh (FutureShock)
Damon Moser (Progress)
Dan Moloney (ATTACK!, Fight Club PRO, Southside, 4FW, VII-Pro, Kamikaze)
Danny Duggan (IPW:UK)
Danny Hope (PCW, FutureShock)
Danny Jones (PWP, ATTACK!, Dragon-Pro)
Danxig (Grand-Pro, BWP)
Dara Diablo (NGW)
Darkside (Reckless Intent, Target, PBW)
Darrell Allen (Progress, Future-Pro, IPW:UK)
Dave Mastiff (PCW, Progress)
Dave Rayne (PCW)
Davey Blaze (ICW, PBW, BCW)
DCT (ICW, Reckless Intent, Target)
Dean Allmark
Debbie Sharp
Destiny (Bellatrix)
Dickie Divers (ICW)
Dick Riley (PWP, UPW, PWA)
Doug Williams (4FW, XWA, WCPW, PWP, ICW)
Drew Galloway (ICW, PCW, WCPW)
Drew Parker (ATTACK!, BWP, VII-Pro, Just Do)
Dunkan Disorderly (OTT)
Dylan Roberts (BWP)

Eddie Dennis (ATTACK!, Progress, Chaos)
Eddie Ryan (PWP, PWA, 4FW, CSF, UPW, Chaos)
El Ligero (Southside, PCW, WCPW, Progress, NGW, HOP:E, Tidal, Kamikaze, Chaos, ATTACK!)
Erin Angel (Bellatrix)
Ethan Silver (ATTACK!, BWP, VII-Pro)
eXodus (also known as Voodoo & Santeria) (XWA)

Flash Morgan Webster (Progress, ATTACK!, Southside, RevPro)

Gabriel Kidd (WCPW, LCW)
Gene Munny (also known as Payaso Pesadilla) (HOP:E, BEW, Lucha Britannia)
Gideon (PWP, Chaos, Dragon-Pro)
Grado (ICW, PBW, Elite, BCW)

Ian Williams (Chaos)
Iestyn Rees (PCW, ICW, UPW, Elite)

Jack Gallagher (Progress, Grand-Pro)
Jackie Polo (ICW, reckless Intent, Source)
Jack Jester (ICW, PBW, HOP:E, BCW, GPWA)
Jack Sexsmith (Progress)
Jake McCluskey (HOP:E, RevPro, Fight!Nation)
James Castle (RevPro, Fight!Nation, XWA)
James Davis (IPW:UK, Progress, PCW, Southside, Future-Pro)
James Drake (FutureShock, Alpha-Omega)
James Mason
Jason Prime (WCPW, Tidal, Absolute, NGW, MEW)
Jay Sammon
JD Boom (Tidal)
JD Knight (4FW, CSF, SEW, PWA)
Jeckel (Chaos)
Jet Fashion (Grand-Pro)
Jetta (IPW:UK)
Jim Diehard
Jim Hunter (Kamikaze, 4FW, Fight Club PRO, ATTACK!, LCW)
Jimmy Havoc (ICW)
Jinny (Progress)
Jody Fleisch (RevPro, WAW)
Joe Coffey (ICW, WCPW, Progress, Discovery, Elite, PBW, Source)
Joe Hendry (ICW, WCPW, PCW, Elite)
Joel Redman (RevPro)
Joey Hayes (PCW, FutureShock, Grand-Pro)
John Harding (PWA)
Johnny Moss (WCPW, Target)
Johnny Phere (Target)
Jonathan Windsor (also known as Reginald Windsor) (IPW:UK, Future-Pro, Lucha Britannia)
Jonny Storm (UPW, IPW:UK, RevPro, AWW)
Jon Ryan (IPW:UK)
Jordan Devlin (OTT)
Joseph Conners (Southside, WCPW, HOP:E, IPW:UK, NGW, LCW, Tidal)
Josh Bodom (RevPro, Fight!Nation)
Justin Shape (OTT)
Justin Sysum

Kasey Owens (GPWA)
Katey Harvey (OTT)
Kay Jutler (CSF)
Kay Lee Ray (ICW, Southside, EVE)
Keith Myatt (PW4U)
Kenny Williams (ICW, PBW, Elite, BCW)
Kid Fite (ICW, IPW:UK, Elite)
Kip Sabian (RCWA, WAW)
Kyle Ashmore (WrestleForce, BEW, Progress, IPW:UK)

Lana Austin (Just Do, Southside, FutureShock, Fierce Females, Alpha-Omega, HOP:E)
Lance Lawrence (also known as Lagarta de Plata) (XWA, BEW, Lucha Britannia)
Laura di Matteo (formerly known as Elizabeth) (Progress)
Lee Hunter (Kamikaze, 4FW, Fight Club PRO, ATTACK!, LCW)
Lewis Girvan (ICW, WreztleZone, Discovery, Source, Alpha-Omega, Reckless Intent)
Liam Slater (NGW, Tidal, WCPW, Absolute, MEW)
Liam Thomson (ICW, PBW, Elite)
Lionheart (ICW, PBW, PCW, GPWA)
Lion Kid (XWA)
Lord Gideon Grey (RevPro, UPW, XWA, Fight!Nation)
Lou King Sharp (ICW, WreztleZone, SWE, PBW)
Lucha DS (PBW)
Luther Valentine
Luther Ward (OTT, PCW)

Mark Andrews (Progress, ATTACK!, Southside)
Mark Coffey (ICW, Target, Elite, Source)
Mark Haskins (Progress, Southside, 4FW, RevPro, Fight!Nation)
Marshall X (Kamikaze, Southside)
Martina The Session Moth (OTT)
Martin Kirby (PCW, Southside, WCPW, Target, HOP:E, Grand-Pro, ATTACK!, Chaos, Absolute, Kamikaze)
Marty Scurll (RevPro, Progress, OTT, UPW, WCPW)
Massimo (Reckless Intent, ICW, Source)
Matt Myers (NGW)
Mexican Eagle (also known as Estupido) (Lucha Britannia)
Michael Chase (Reckless Intent, Discovery)
Michael Dante (Target, Progress)
Mike Bird (ATTACK!, ICW, Chaos, ProEVO, Dragon-Pro, Fight Club PRO)
Mikey Whiplash (ICW, Progress, SWA, Fight Club PRO)
MK McKinnan (Fight Club PRO)

Nadia Sapphire (4FW)
Nathan Cruz (NGW, Progress, ICW)
Nixon Newell (Southside, ATTACK!, Fight Club PRO, WCPW, Kamikaze, BEW)
Noam Dar (ICW, PCW, WCPW, revPro, Elite)

Oliver Peace (WrestleForce, IPW:UK)

Panda Cub (also known as Edwin Ricci & Richie Edwards)
Pastor William Eaver (Progress, XWA)
Patrick Sammon
Paul Malen (HOP:E, LCW, HOP)
Paul Robinson (IPW:UK, Progress, RCWA)
Paul Tracey (OTT, Reckless Intent)
Paul Tyrell
Pete Dunne (Southside, ATTACK!, RevPro, OTT, Kamikaze, Fight Club PRO, Progress, WCPW, HOP:E, VII-Pro)
Phil Powers
Pollyanna (Progress, IPW:UK)

Rampage Brown(PCW, Progress, NGW, WCPW, Tidal, IPW:UK, Reckless Intent, Absolute)
Red Lightning (ICW)
Rhia O'Reilly (XWA)
Ricky J McKenzie (Grand-Pro, Alpha-Omega)
Ricky Knight (WAW)
Ricky Knight Jr (WAW)
Rio (Grand-Pro)
Rishi Ghosh (RevPro)
RJ Singh (Future-Pro, IPW:UK)
Rob Cage (also known as Steakley Bakewell) (BEW, Lucha Britannia)
Robbie Dynamite
Robbie X (Kamikaze, Southside, NGW)
Robin Lekime (PWA)
Rob Lynch (IPW:UK, Progress, PCW, Southside, Future-Pro)
Roy Knight (PCW, WAW)
Ruffneck (WAW)
Ryan Hendricks (FutureShock)
Ryan Smile (Kamikaze, Southside, OTT, HOP:E, ATTACK!, VII-Pro)

Saime Sahin (4FW, CSF)
Saint (4FW)
Sam Bailey (FutureShock, Just Do)
Sammi Baynz (Bellatrix)
Sammii Jayne (WrestleZone, ICW, Fierce Females)
Sammy Smooth (IPW:UK, PCW)
Samuel Ward (OTT)
Sam Wilder (NGW, Tidal)
Saqib Ali (PBW)
Saraya Knight (Bellatrix)
Scott Star (IPW:UK)
Scott Wainwright (also known as Scotty Essex) (PWP, IPW:UK, UPW)
Scotty Swift (WrestleZone)
Sebastian (Future-Pro)
Sexy Kev (FutureShock, Alpha-Omega, PW4U)
Shady Nattrass (Target)
Shanna (Kamikaze)
Sha Samuels (ICW, PCW, RevPro, Elite)
Skarlett (Bellatrix)
Solar (Alpha-Omega)
Soner Dursun (FutureShock, Grand-Pro, BWP)
Ste Mann (Grand-Pro)
Stevie Boy (ICW, PBW, Elite, BCW, Southside)
Stevie James (ICW)
Stixx (Southside, LCW, NGW, Alpha-Omega)

T-Bone (PCW, FutureShock, Grand-Pro, HOP:E, ProEVO, Just Do, Progress, IPW:UK)
Tabu (Grand-Pro)
Tennessee Honey (also known as Livvi) (IPW:UK)
Tiger Ali (4FW, CSF)
TJ Rage (PBW, Rock N Wrestle)
TK Cooper (Progress, WrestleForce)
Tom Dawkins (also known as Pure Britannico) (WrestleForce, XWA, IPW:UK, Lucha Britannia)
Tommy End (Progress, Southside, ICW)
Toni Storm
Travis Banks (Southside, Fight Club Pro, ATTACK!, WCPW, Progress, Kamikaze, Grand-Pro, ICW)
Trent Seven (ICW, Progress, Fight Club PRO, revPro, WCPW)
Tyler Bate (Southside, Fight Club Pro, ATTACK!, WCPW, Progress, Kamikaze, OTT)

UK Dominator (PWA, PWP, ProEVO)
Ultimo Tiger (PWP)

Violet O'Hara (Bellatrix)
Violet Vendetta (FutureShock)
Viper (ICW, Alpha-Omega)

Wild Boar (ATTACK!, ICW, Chaos, ProEVO, Dragon-Pro, Fight Club PRO, NGW, VII-Pro)
Will Ospreay (Southside, RevPro, Progress, WCPW, RCWA, HOP:E, IPW:UK, Future-Pro, OTT)
Wolfgang (ICW, PBW, Elite, GPWA)

Xander Cooper (FutureShock, LCW, Alpha-Omega)
Xia Brookside (IPW:UK)

Zack Gibson (Progress, FutureShock, NGW, ICW, IPW:UK)
Zack Sabre Jr (RevPro, Progress)
Zak Knight (WAW, PCW)

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So yeah, you could put on a pretty decent, diverse card with just the Js:


James Mason vs Joe Hendry

Jimmy Havoc vs Jack Jester

Jonny Moss/Jon Ryan vs Jody Fleisch/Johnny Storm

Joe Coffey vs Joel Redman

Jetta vs Jinny

James Davies vs James Drake

Joey Hayes vs Jack Sexsmith
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Once again, Welsh Wrestling doesn't exist. They only run about 80 quality venues a year, like.

How many people on here would have seen those shows though? It's not a dig at you, James Mason has historically placed low on these lists because despite being a great wrestler not many people have seen him as they don't go to All Star shows.

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What you need to do is put in every promotion El Ligero has wrestled for. He has wrestled for everyone. They say you are never more than 7 metres from a rat. In wrestling you are never more than 7 miles from an El Ligero match.


Ligero is probably never more than 7 metres away from a rat.

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Got a list of 10 in mind (not in any order yet) could easily change in next couple of weeks. An excellent year for British wrestling, not the most shows I've been to in a year but definitely watched, and kept up with, more this year thanks to a lot more promotions making their content readily available online.

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I appreciate that, but the original post stated "Below is a list of just about every regular wrestler on the UK scene". Not many promotions run a schedule as regular as Ravenhill's.

Does he still post on here? Was something of a regular at one time I believe.

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I appreciate that, but the original post stated "Below is a list of just about every regular wrestler on the UK scene". Not many promotions run a schedule as regular as Ravenhill's.

Does he still post on here? Was something of a regular at one time I believe.

Start a show in his town, he'll start a thread about it soon enough.
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