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Where are they now?


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He's the first fighter I've actually wanted to see get the shit kicked out of him and I've been watching MMA since UFC 3. Fucking hate him. Think it was the bitching and moaning about The Rock taking his spot and then swanning into UFC with zero fights and, what we can all assume is, a massive fat contract that turned me. I hope he loses and then Vince tells him to fuck off to TNA when he inevitably goes crawling back. Hypocritical, egomaniacal, greasy little rat.

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Didn't know where else to put this, so figured here was as good a place as any.

With the recent chat about Arlovski, Fedor and suchlike in the UFC 222 thread I ended up travelling through the YouTube vortex and landing on a Jeff Monson fight, which got me thinking about his career as well.

Another dude who made his debut in the 90's (1997) although he was already 26 years old when he first fought an MMA fight. Not a great by any stretch, but an interesting guy nonetheless, and he's fought some of the bigger names out there like Chuck Liddell, Rico Rodriguez, Forrest Griffin, Tim Sylvia, Josh Barnett, Mark Kerr, Roy Nelson, Daniel Cormier, Fedor and his brother Alexander.

Hard to believe that Monson is 47 years old now, and has fought in MMA 88 times, with a record of 61-26-1!

Nowadays Monson is a passport-carrying Russian citizen and proud member of the Russian Communist Party, sports ambassador for the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, an honorary citizen of the Republic of Abkhazia, and a special representative for international cooperation by the Communist Party of the Russian Federation's Sport Club.

He also was filmed recently showing some incredible restraint when confronting a Trump-loving 'Merican, where he manages to avoid getting into some deep shit.

Definitely one of the more interesting guys in the sport over the years.

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yeh Monson's a bit of a wild one. That infamous pic of him facing a bunch of armed cops was a regular on the sherdog boards back in the day.


As for his fighting career, sure i read here that Monsons back is in that bad a state that he can barely walk on the best of days but still manages to get in there and fight.

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I'm sure that photo was part of a staged shoot for something or other, but yeah, he's a man of conviction, that's for sure. He got charged with First Degree Malicious Mischief for vandalising the Washington State Capitol by spray-painting an anarchy symbol, a peace symbol and the words 'no poverty' and 'no war'" on the front of the building.

Got ordered by the court to pay almost $23,000 in damages and paid something like $400 before blanking them and fucking off to Russia.

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