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Alan Rickman dead


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Also, this seems as good as time any to admit I like Galaxy Quest and will be rewatching it in light of this news.


It's currently doing a run on Sky Movies. It was shown on Tuesday. Even as cheesy a line as it is, the retort "To see if there's a pub!" still gets a chuckle out of me.

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Galaxy Quest is great.


My favourite Rickman line is probably from Harry Potter. How he was able to throw so much menace and spite into a line as seemingly innocuous as "turn to page 394" is baffling and brilliant.


He did a wonderful poetry reading that turned into a TV special with Emma Thompson called 'The Song Of Lunch' that really showed what a fantastic voice he had. I would have loved to have seen him on stage.


RIP Alan Rickman. What a shit week this is.

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