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Badly Drawn Footballers


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I could have put this in the Premier League thread, or if they were still around it's probably megathread material, but since those days are gone, it's getting its own.


Some bloke has drawn all the footballers from the 1994 Premier League sticker album. But he hasn't drawn them very well:




This is the era of football I actually know a bit about so I got quite a lot of enjoyment scanning through these. There are some magnificent creations in there. Robert Lee on the Newcastle page is particularly eye catching.


If you want to test your knowledge on them first, there's a Buzzfeed quiz on them too:



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You are on fire this week my friend.  Right up my street this. 


Even funnier, is that despite how badly drawn they are, some of them are absolutely uncanny!  Anderton, Barmby, Merson to name just a few.  That is splendid.  There goes my lunch hour.

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