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NJPW have released their version of the Network which is available now at http://njpwworld.com/ for £5.38pm



*There will be a full lineup of live events, basically every major show will air live. There are four shows in December, including late Saturday's tag team tournament finals. That show will be the only one not airing live, likely because they were still working with Niconico. It will air on an eight-hour tape delay but everything else is live. Niconico will still air that show live. There are five shows in January, including Wrestle Kingdom, the 1/5 Korakuen Hall show (Raw after WrestleMania show), and the two Fantastica Mania shows from Korakuen Hall, as well as a 1/30 show.


*There will be a lot of archived content including what appear to be documentaries surrounding some of the legendary matches in New Japan history including Antonio Inoki vs. Willem Ruska, Inoki vs. Hulk Hogan, Tiger Mask vs Dynamite Kid, Keiji Muto vs. Nobuhiko Takada, as well as all of the major events as well as the G-1 Climax movie that playerd this year in movie theaters in Japan.


*Takaaki Kidani said that New Japan is right now the No. 2 pro wrestling company in the world as a business, but No. 1 as far as wrestling goes, and their goal is to surpass WWE and be No. 1 as far as business.


*They are taking a similar risk as WWE, in the sense they are undercutting the price of iPPVs, as the big shows have been 1800 yen, and the Tokyo Dome was last year around 3500 yen, looking to increase volume with the lower price. WWE was not successful in the same strategy. They also also apparently giving up Samurai! TV, as the shows that were formerly on Samurai! TV, like the Korakuen Hall shows, will now by on the service.


*If you time your order, you would be able to watch the entire G-1 Climax series for $8.40 instead of $150 from two years ago and $110 this past year. When it comes to the U.S. market, they are undercutting themselves, but the U.S. is not their primary market.


*Right now they are showing on the screen the Inoki & Sakaguchi vs. Karl Gotch & Lou Thesz match.


*There are hundreds of matches historically, including everything of significance from the past three years, and some matches every year dating back to 1972.


*The first year goal is 100,000 subscribers.

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Been streaming stuff most of the afternoon/night. Its amazing. Ive not really seen any New Japan (always NOAH and DG for me) so nearly everything is new to me. Google doesnt translate so just about getting used to getting around the site.


Really easy sign up.


Will get through current stuff over weekend and attempt to get through everything from the past year chronologically.


Watching Hogan vs. Inoki right now. Vince doing the ring intro!


edit: was really easy to sign up too.

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just signed up and cancelled so I can check out a single month and it seems to have locked me away from the videos is this the case? Do i have to stay subscribed to view vids?

 Was signed up to the DG Studio a few years back, when I cancelled my membership finished regardless of how long was left, sounds like this might be similar. So if you plan on subscribing for just one month, cancel the day before the next payment is due.

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I've seen one theory that that's just their simple way of avoiding any need to deal with music rights issues. No word yet on whether the new live shows will simply be added in full or broken up into individual matches (or both.)


APK for Android app is now at: http://www.droidbin.com/p19875lvc3ucout98qh1upbqc43 (Looks like you need Android 5.0 for it to work properly though.)


Apparently during the press conference New Japan's boss talked some good stuff for long term:




If you put this service to oversea, it is not dream to get more 300 to 400 thousands subscribers." He mentioned he will put English subtitles and English commentary for big shows. It would be great!! And Kidani also said NJPW World will be available on Smart TV like PS3,4, Xboxone, Apple TV and so on. Really great plans!!



Finally, the network lists a two hour broadcast from the Tokyo Dome at 2am on the day of the show. One theory is that it's some kind of preview show, though nobody knows why it would be in the middle of the night. Another theory is that the time is a typo, it should be 2pm, and that this would be a pre-game show before the main card (and US PPV) starts at 4pm Japan time. If that's the case, it could mean several matches air on the pre-game, so the main card has less time worries.

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