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Where are they now? "Stars" of the noughties.


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Watching some OSW reviews and it's remarkable how many guys I've forgotten who were only working 8-9 years ago. Also how many seem to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Here's a list of names, chip in if you know what they're up to now. Feel free to add more names. Or to just discuss why they wafted into thin air.




Mordecai/Kevin Thorn


Kenny Dykstra


Matt Striker


Sylvester Terkay


Elijah Burke/Pope






Daniel Puder


Luther Reigns


Muhammed Hassan






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Kenny Dykstra was at King of Trios this year with two other Spirit Squad guys.


Rosey was on F4W a while ago and talking about starting up a food truck.


Carlito's probably still working in Puerto Rico.


I think Muhammed Hassan's a teacher now.


I imagine the rest are still doing the indies.

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Didn't Luther Reigns suffer a stroke not too long ago? I suppose he's alright now as there wasn't any news floating around about him having any long-term effects from it.


Heidenreich is a gas station manager now apparently. I guess a few of them are still doing the indy rounds though. I can see someone like Fertig working indies well into his 40's. He just seems that kind.

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Carlito - Still active in the ring and appeared in PCW a few months ago omn their free outdoor tribute to the troops show.


Kenny Dykstra - Other than his recent Chikara King of Trios appearance, he's seemingly happy bitch in interviews and online posts about how his then other half, Mickie James, had an affair with Cena. And how Cena then killed his career.


Matt Striker - Has been wrestling the odd match on indies since leaving WWE last year. Is now the lead announcer for Lucha Underground.


Sylvester Terkay - Wrestled a little in Japan as Predator post-WWE. But not much more.


Elijah Burke/Pope - Graduated college with a criminal justice majorin 2011. Still wrestles the off show, but very rarely.


Akio - Jimmy Wang Yang is now keeping busy.. https://www.facebook.com/jimmysredneckpartybus & https://www.facebook.com/jimmysprincesspartybus

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IIRC, Daniel Puder went undefeated in MMA and even had a few cracks in Strikeforce. His problem was, I think, that he was highly selective when it came to opponents and was almost trying to create his ideal pro-wrestling character in the fight game. He didn't show much desire to move up a level and fight top guys, and chose to retire with a perfect record before he'd even left his prime.


It's a shame to see anyone who has talent without ambition.

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Conway works for New Japan too, doesn't he? He's probably the most prominent of anyone mentioned in the thread.


Carlito is jacked these days, incidentally. He's somewhat obsessed with the fact he's now a "body guy". His Twitter handle is "bodyguylito", I believe.


Terkay did porn at one point.

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