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Those that have been following and taking part in the project so far will know that all 3 selection rounds are now complete and the 7th annual UKFF UK50 has now been compiled. I once again thank every single person that has contributed in the true spirit of the project and helped make a set of rankings which sum up the UKFF population's collective opinion on the top performers in our native wrestling scene.


In case you didn't know, the UKFF UK50 is the largest annual attempt by fans, wrestlers, promoters and others that make up the UKFF community to establish and publish a yearly set of rankings for who we determine to be the top 50 in-ring performers in British wrestling.


The rankings are based on in-ring performances that UKFFers have seen, which took place between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011. The criteria upon which we were judging included:

- who is able to capture and maintain the audience's interest with their performance?

- whose performance is able to allow the audience to become emotionally invested in the match they are seeing and legitimately care about the outcome?

- who is able to tell the best in-ring story through their performance?


How did we do this? Well:


In STAGE ONE, UKFFers made nominations for people they believed deserved to be ranking in the 2011 UKFF UK50. This wasn't necessarily who they thought was the absolute best but people they believe that, based on the above criteria and within the time period, deserved a place somewhere in the top 50. In this stage:

- 112 UKFF members submitted lists of nominations

- a total of 231 individual wrestlers received at least one nomination for inclusion in the UK50


48 wrestlers made it directly into the 2011 UKFF UK50 via the number of nominations they received. However, 6 wrestlers received a tied number of nominations for the last 2 places, so STAGE TWO saw 167 UKFFers vote for which of these 6 "maybes" they most wanted to see make the cut.


With that, we had our list of 50 names for this year. In STAGE THREE, these 50 names were ranked into order by UKFF members submitting their own individual Top 15 rankings from the 50 nominated wrestlers. The votes have now been collated and finalised, and so the process is nearly complete for another year. In Stage Three:

- 96 UKFFers submitted their votes

- 36 individual wrestlers received at least a single "number 1" ranking in the individual sets of votes


Compiling the final list came down to pure mathematics: 15 points for each individual 1st place, 14 points for each individual 2nd place, 13 points for each individual 3rd place, etc all the way to 1 point for a 15th. Tied scores were then resolved by looking at who had received the most individual 1st place rankings, then 2nd places, then 3rd places etc until they could be separated.


So, with all the explanations and the thanks out of the way, the only thing left to do is to reveal


The 2011 UKFF UK50




No. 50 - Mohmed Ameen

Score: 69 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2011 votes: 0

2010 ranking: 47th

(2009=38th; 2008= NL; 2007=NL; 2006= NL; 2005=NL)




Who is he?

Northern-based character grappler makes his thrid consecutive UKFF UK50, but also continues a 3-year pattern and again drops in the rankings, this time by 3 places.


In West Yorkshire's Dynamic Pro Wrestling, Prince Ameen was defeated by top babyface Cameron Kraze for number one contender's rights to the DPW British Championship in a 3-way (also featuring Martin Kirby). He also formed a team with sensational rookie Zack Diamond as a part of DPW's tag team title tournament, but the odd pairing were downed by El Ligero and Bingo Ballance on the latter team's journey to the final.


Prince Ameen has also continued to be a regular performer for South Yorkshire and Derbyshire's NBW/GNP, where he lost his NBW "World" Title to Joey Hayes and then saw his "King's Court" heel stable forced to disband after coming out the losing end of a mini-feud to Kirby. He has since tussled with Stixx and Kraze in the promotion. Ameen is also a regular for the upstart NBW SOUTHSIDE organisation, where he has fought Rainz, Kirby, Chris Holmes, Sam Bailey and Blake Warning.


In Teesside's 3 Count Wrestling, Ameen was cast as the goofy, likeable sidekick to his idol (and lead heel) Cameron Kraze, having lost the "Prince's" riches the year before in an angle. Known as "Team Cameron Kraze", the pair won the 3CW Tag Team Titles, but Ameen was unsuccessful in his daft attemots to get the team's name changed to "Krazy Horses". Ameen also won the 3CW North East/Young Lions belt, but found himself in the firing line as he represented 3CW against the 3 Count Mafia, an invading force of former 3CW stars returning to take over the promotion from the new generation. Despite twice defeating Dragon Aisu, this situation took a twist at the '7th Anniversary Show' in May 2011 when it was revealed that Kraze had joined the 3CM...


What did the UKFF think?

"I get a huge kick out of this guy, great promo, great worker and plays his comedic, cowardly heel role to perfection"

"Brilliant promos, can make an entire audience hate him just by walking down a ramp. Gets such heat"

"There have been a bunch of shows this past 12 months that I didn

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You always do a fantastic job with this HG, can see a hell of a lot of work goes into it. Looking forward to seeing the list unfold.


Prince Ameen is indeed a fantastic comedy heel character. Always adds a nice change of pace to the card. Deserves his place in the 50.

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No. 49 - Eddie Reyes

Score: 82 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2011 votes: 1

2010 ranking: Not Listed

(2009=NL; 2008= NL; 2007=NL; 2006= NL; 2005=NL)




Who is he?

Product of the 4 Front Wrestling academy, "Limited Edition" Eddie Reyes has remained a regular and almost-exclusive member of the Swindon-based promotion's roster. In 2011, Reyes makes his first ever UKFF UK50 appearance, with one UKFFer even voting him the best wrestler in the entire country.


Following up a January 2011 win over "Man Mountain" Matt Lomaxx, Reyes defeated Benjamin Jackson at "New Year's Wrestlution" to advance to the 'Money in the Bank' ladder match later that same night. He came up short in a show-stealing bout, the win going to Mad Dog Max. Since then, Eddie has faced So Sai King, JD Knight, Behnam Ali and others, and has just lost to Joel Redman in a 2/3 falls bout on 4FW's last main show.


What did the UKFF think?

"Great heavyweight wrestler and technical guy, has had many good matches across the country this year. Off to Japan soon to train with Zero One, thoroughly deserved for how much the guy leaves in the ring and how much work he would have put in to get that good. Shining example to others on the scene that hard work pays off. Come on leaps and bounds in the past year, physically and technically"

"Next year will be a breakout year for Eddie Reyes, young Reyes has been invited out to tour America for a month in September where a huge tryout has been organised for ROH where he will also be attending a week long camp, then upon his return he has been invited to train at the Zero1 Dojo for 3 Months, Eddie is in phenomenal shape, with bags of charisma the firey youngster has become the stand out performer in 4FW"

"What an improvement from this young man in the last 12 months, I used to think everything was a bit wooden and acted but there has been a gradual improvement in his work to a point where everything flows and looks realistic. It has coincided with a big improvement in his look as well, he went from a pretty generic look to looking like a real heavywieght"

"Seems to improve every time I see him"

"Making improvements. Will make moolah"

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No. 48 - Cameron Kraze

Score: 85 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2011 votes: 0

2010 ranking: 20th

(2009=20th; 2008= 33rd; 2007=NL; 2006= NL; 2005=NL)



Suplexing "Professor" Mike Holmes (Photo - Tony Knox)


Who is he?

Bald-headed and well-established performer on the circuit across Northern England, Cameron Kraze makes his 4th appearance in the UKFF UK50, but falls a massive 28 places this year.


Cameron's position as the top heel in Teesside's 3 Count Wrestling over the past few years lapsed in favour of the "invasion" storyline between 3CW's youngsters and the returning former stars in the 3 Count Mafia. Kraze and partner Mohmed Ameen instead won the 3CW Tag Team Titles from Chris Whitton and Andy Swan at "Darkest Deeds 2010" and their heel/babyface odd couple pairing carried them through to the new year. At "Free For All VIII" in March 2011, Kraze was drafted into the home team as part of a 14-man 3CW vs. 3CM rumble. However, with number one contendership to the 3CW Triple Crown available to the individual winner, Cameron failed to stay loyal to team colours and saw everyone as an opponent, leading to tension with Ameen, before being eliminated. At the "7th Anniversary Show" in May, there was more frustration for Kraze as he and Ameen lost the tag titles to Britain's Most Wanted (former UKFF UK50 members Scott Renwick and Damien O'Connor) via referee stoppage when the injured Ameen, who had been the victim of several 3CM gang beatings, was unanble to continue. Later that night, Kraze returned to assist 3CM member Martin Kirby defeat 3CW's El Ligero for the Triple Crown Championship, revealing that he too had joined Dragon Aisu, Dan Evans, Vincent White, Stevie Lynn, Martin Kirby, Chris Whitton, Gabriel Grey, Chris Cannon and Ben Harland in the 3 Count Mafia...


Kraze is part of another heel stable over in Wigan's Grand Pro Wrestling, where he, Jiggy Walker, Bubblegum and leader Dirk Feelgood comprised The Masterplan and warred with the babyface quartet of El Ligero, Joey Hayes, Dylan Roberts and Martin Kirby in various 6-man and 8-man tag team bouts over late 2010 and early 2011. This led to Kraze and Walker defeating Kirby and Roberts in a vicious double dog collar grudge match at Heroes and Villains" in June, before GPW went into their annual summer break...


In West Yorkshire, however, Kraze is presented as the "hometown hero"-style lead babyface. Finally sitting as DPW Champion after a long chase, Kraze was stripped of the title due to injury and the belt ended up around the wait of "The Juice "CJ Banks. Banks downed Kraze and Ligero in a 3-way in Pontefract, before Kraze got his title back by defeating Banks in the main event of the December show. The monstrous Colossus Kennedy emerged as the new threat and the pair fought to a couple of non-decisive main event finishes to start 2011 before Cameron went down to Colossus at the promotion's 3rd anniversary event in April...


What did the UKFF think?

"Probably the best heel on the mic in the UK"

"Very under-rated in my opinion, probably known more for his heel persona, but I really enjoy his babyface work whenever I get a chance too see him. Solid strikes, good selling ability and a different look"

"Solid, hard hitting, and strong wrestlers that can make even the biggest smart mark believe,

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I'll know none of these people, but quite enjoy reading these threads just to see anybody who's about at the moment. That Eddie Reyes looks like he wouldn't be out of place on NXT or something. Very un-British and professional looking.

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No. 47 - Robbie X

Score: 89 points

Total 1st place rankings in 2011 votes: 0

2010 ranking: 46th

(2009=47th; 2008=NL; 2007=NL; 2006=NL; 2005=NL)



Robbie X at UKW (Photo - Brett Hadley)


Who is he?

High-flying young sensation, best known in the Yorkshire/Derbyshire area but also appearing further south for NBW SOUTHSIDE. Making his 3rd consecutive UKFF UK50, Robbie maintains virtually the exact same position he achieved the previous 2 years.


Continuing to appear as a regular for the NBW/GNP promotion where he first became known, Robbie has tangled with Reece Jordan, Jamie Jewel, Kris Travis and Ryan Myatt. He also teamed with "THE BIG DOG" Rainz to unseat Chris Holmes and Scotty Hexx for the NBW Tag Team Championship. However, when Rainz announced his retirement from wrestling as a result of appearing in the 2010 UKFF SHIT LIST, Robbie and Cameron Kraze lost the titles to Team Devastation.


In the new Cambridge-based SOUTHSIDE promotion, Robbie beat fellow GNP youngster Holmes for the NBW Academy Championship and then became involved in a feud with the mysterious masked EGO Dragon. He has also appeared on Sky TV as a part of UKW's roster...


Ronnie has also been a regular fixture for Dynamic Pro Wrestling, where he has opposed Rainz, T-Bone, Zack Diamond, CJ Banks, Dylan Roberts, Matt Myers and Dara Diablo, before coming up short in a challenge to the out-of-control massive new DPW British Champion, Colossus Kennedy, in May...


What did the UKFF think?

"He's young but definitely a future star in Britwres, saying he's talented is an understatement"

"One of the best up-and-comers in the UK. Deserves to be even higher on the top 50 this year than he was last year"

"Just keeps getting better and better, with look and persona. All the time, he's a good flying face but is also making waves as a credible heel"

"Destined for great things in the future"

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Ronnie has also been a regular fixture for Dynamic Pro Wrestling, where he has opposed Rainz, T-Bone, Zack Diamond, CJ Banks, Dylan Roberts, Matt Myers and Dara Diablo, before coming up short in a challenge to the out-of-control massive new DPW British Champion, Colossus Kennedy, in May...


Is this Ronald X, Robbie X's father?


Good to see Robbie at least keeping a consistant position on the list instead of dropping a lot, give him a couple of years and he should be top ten.


Shame about Ameen being so low, he genuinely is one of my favourites on the UK scene

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Be fair, he is 16.


So that means his first entry in the UK50 was when he was 14? Don't know whether that's a testament to his ability, an indictment of the British industry in the fact a fourteen-year-old can be one of the top 50 in the country, or simply a demonstration of the fact that there are a lot of voters from Yorkshire/Derbyshire/NBW Southside...

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