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Great B Movies


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Ok so I'm looking for some reccomendations of decent Action/Horror B Movies. So far today I've watched Machete, Evil Dead 1&2 and Undead or Alive and I'm looking for some more of the same really. I'm downloading Evil Dead 3, Rubber and Hobo With A Shotgun aswell at the moment.


Thought theres bound to be some people on here who want to discuss some of the great B Movies out there.




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You want to be looking for


Lake Placid




all good monster Croc B-movies





Hard Rain

Deep Rising

No Escape


off the top of my head. If only Gladstone Small were around, he's a big fan of this genre as I am.

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If you're a fan of the 'Things that have grown bigger than they should have' genre of B Movies then also check out the original Alligator, its a cracker.


Q The winged Serpent is fucking awesome and should be seen by everyone


Swamp Thing


Prince of Darkness


The Fog (original)


Fright Night


The Monster Squad


The 80s remake of The Blob


Basket Case


Best Of The Best


The Punisher (Dolph version)


Gleaming The Cube


Night Of The Comet

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Anyone ever see a film called Stay Alive? Its about a video game where if you die in the game, you'll be offed in real life? Malcolm from from Malcolm in the Middle is in it. It was great - relatively speaking.


Please recommend some more movies... if these are anything to go by, you are on your way to compiling a comprehensive 'must miss' list.

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Bubba Ho Tep is pretty good, stars Bruce Campbell (Evil dead) in an old folks home as Elvis Presley and Ozzie Davis as a black man who thinks he's John F. Kennedy. They fight demons, fun stuff.

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