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The Second UKFF Celebrity Twatlist: THE COUNTDOWN


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I've just sent my twat list off. That was strangely therapeutic...I feel much better for it now!


Email received.


We've now just about reached halfway in the voting - 87 twats nominated in total, that three horse race at the top has been increased to five, and there are some magnificent rants from people thus far. Never have I seen such diverse use of swear words.

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I wish I had room for Harry Redknapp as well. Ugly bastard.


Strange that one. Because Jaime is a pretty decent looking fella. I used to have a thing for his missus Louise Rednapp when I was younger. I had a giant poster of her above my bed for years that I used to admire before resting my head at night.


This was all until I grew up and found her to be as thick as a brick though. Real turn off that.

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I'll take part in this, I just don't want to miss anyone obvious so keep the recommendations coming. Though they haven't got a mention, I'd like to do that for Gary Neville, Ashley Cole, Keith Vaz and Jeremy Kyle.

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Seconded on Keith Vaz.


Here's hoping the twat makes list.


If not already mentioned: Alexa Chung. For showing gonzo could actaully become more twattier than before.


Haven't seen Gonzo with Alexa Chung (but I've seen Alexa Chung before on T4). If as you say she makes Zane Lowe less of a tool in comparison, man that's something.

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