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The Second UKFF Celebrity Twatlist: THE COUNTDOWN


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5. Cheryl 'Useless Bitch' Cole/Tweedy- When did 'Nation's Sweetheart' become a term for describing a talentless vapid waste of space cunt such as herself


Considering the term was pretty much coined for Princess Diana and passed on to Jade Goody before Cheryl, I would say always...

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I have a weird (mostly) hatred of James Corden.


As a comedian, and as a personality, I can't fucking stand him. Overbearing and obnoxious twat.


However, as an actor? I actually think he's pretty good. Especially when he doesn't play comedy. Basically, any time he doesn't play himself, it's a huge step up. But all he has to do is turn up on a trailer for that idiotic sports show he fronts, and I want him to die.

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