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Most decorated - WRESTLING (Positive)

15 - CM Punk

14 - John Cena

11 - Daniel Bryan / Shawn Michaels

10 - Chris Jericho

9 - Edge

8 - Doug Willams

7 - Brock Lesnar

6 - Eddie Guerrero / Kurt Angle / Seth Rollins - Zack Sabre Jr.

5 - Chris Benoit / Jeff Hardy / Roman Reigns / Triple H

4 - Bayley / Becky Lynch / Pete Dunne / Ric Flair / Sasha Banks / The Undertaker / Will Ospreay

3 - AJ Styles / Chavo Guerrero / El Ligero / Goldberg / Goldust / Kane / Kevin Owens / Kofi Kingston / Mark Haskins / Mark Henry / Marty Scurll / Rey Mysterio / The Miz / Wade Barrett

2 - Alex Shelley / Batista / Big E / Big Show / Chris Sabin / Cody Rhodes / Dean Ambrose / Hulk Hogan / James Tighe / Jimmy Havoc / John Morrison / Matt Hardy / Mick Foley / Paul Heyman / Ricky Steamboat / Samoa Joe / Santino Marella / Stephanie McMahon / Tomasso Ciampa / Tyler Bate / Xavier Woods

1 - Adam Shame / Akira Tozawa / Antonio Cesaro / Asuka / Billy Kidman / Bobby Fish / Bobby Roode / Booker T / Braun Strowman / Bray Wyatt / Bubblegum / Burchill / Charlie Haas / Charlotte / Chris Egan / Dash Wilder / Dave Mastiff / Dave Moralez / Dave Rayne / Dolph Ziggler / Dunkan Disorderly / Eddie Dennis / El Torro Sanchez / Eric Canyon / Erick Rowan / Eugene / Event Security / Fandango / Gene Snitsky / Go Shiosaki / Grado / Heidenreich / Hernandez / Homicide / James Davis / James Storm / Jay Lethal / JBL / Jey Uso / Jimmy Uso / Joel Redman / Joey Mercury / John Lauranitis / Johnny Gargano / Jun Akiyama / KENTA / Kenta Kobashi / Kris Travis / Kyle O'Reilly / Lana / Lionheart / Luke Harper / Luke Phoenix / Mark Andrews / Martin Kirby / Marufuji / Michael Cole / Misawa / MVP / Noam Dar / Ogawa / Pac / Paul London / Paul Robinson / Randy Orton / Richochet / Rob Lynch / Rock Star Spud / Roderick Strong / Ronda Rousey / Rusev / Sami Zayn / Scorpio / Scott Dawson / Scott Steiner / Shelton Benjamin / Shinsuke Nakamura / Takashi Sugiura / The Rock / Tiger Emperor / Titus O'Neil / Tron / Tyler Breeze / Ultimate Warrior / Vince McMahon / William Regal / Zack Ryder

Most decorated - WRESTLING (Negative)

3 - Big Show / Great Khali

2 - Bray Wyatt / Chris Harris / Dolph Ziggler / Kane / Kriss Sprules / Triple H / Tyson Tomko

1 - Adam Rose / Alberto Del Rio / Armando Estrada / Baron Corbin / Bob Holly / Bobby Lashley / Bret Hart / Buff Bagwell / Chris Nowinski / CM Punk / Curtis Axel / Heath Slater / Jackie Gayda / JBL / Jeff Hardy / Jenna Morasca / Jerry Lawler / Jinder Mahal / Lord Tensai / Matt Hardy / Michael Cole / Mojo Rawley / Mr Anderson / Nathan Jones / Randy Orton / Rebel / Rob Terry / RVD / Scott Steiner / Sharmell / Shawn Michaels / Shelly Martinez / Sin Cara / Stevie Richards / Sting / Test / The Undertaker / Trish Stratus / Tyler / Vince McMahon

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Big year for the awards regarding the WWE stranglehold: AEW Double Or Nothing is the first none WWE winner of best event since "records began" (2002). Cody vs. Dustin is the first non-WWE match to win the best match award in that same timeframe.

Dynamite is the first none WWE brand to win best TV show since 2012.

Forgive me if I'm getting my Jeff Harvey timeline mixed up but pretty sure Tim Storm is the first person to win best babyface from a non-WWE brand while Chris Jericho has done the same in best heel category.

Jericho is only the second non-WWE branded "Wrestler of the year" after Joe in 2005.

Baron Corbin is the first back to back worst wrestler since Great Khali.

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Interesting. I would say AEW had an 'ok' year but great for first proper year of trading. But WWE had an absolute 1995 shocker which made everyone else better in context. 

Ironically they are pretty much taking over the UK awards now. 

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My analysis:

Looks like Jericho is now a three-time Wrestler of the Year winner as well, only Daniel Bryan can also claim that honour. And there was a decade gap between Jericho's second and third wins!

Also, for all the people who bang on about Bray Wyatt being great, he's been in the UKFF's Worst Match of the Year three times now. Four if you count the 2015 Rumble.

The Biggest Letdown win for Kenny Omega is the only UKFF award he's ever won... suck it, Meltzer.

@tiger_rick Excellent pre-emptive work on the Best MMA Poster category!

Ian's win in Funniest Poster means that there's been a Decade Of Domination in that category between him, Keith and Astro. Only @Scott Malbranque has broken through the triumvirate.

And finally, hurray for @WrestleMe! winning Best Podcast!

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I’d love to see the best non-wrestler category return in the future given how many non-wrestlers are being utilised right now. It’s a crying shame that Tony Schiavone is ineligible for an award this year, I can’t remember the last time an announcer has added so much to my enjoyment of a wrestling show.

With Don Callis, Taz, Wade Barrett, Paul Heyman, Jake Roberts, Tully Blanchard, and Rebel/Reba (if she counts) all in prominent roles there are an absolute wealth of potential nominees. Obviously it’s too late for this year, but I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll see it make a comeback next time. 

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Updated with 2022 results!

Some stat based trivia:

 - Jon Moxley won Wrestler of the Year in 2020 and in 2022, just like Roman Reigns for Best Heel, and Monkee for Good Augene.

- Dynamite has won Best TV Show four years in a row now. Same goes for Wrestle Me and Best Podcast

- Sami Zayn wins the most awards this year, with four! (Best babyface, Funniest moment, Best match and Best angle)

- CM Punk's AEW run has now been bookended with back-to-back Greatest Moment wins.

- Jamie Hayter is the first female winner of Best British Wrestler.

- Supremo is now a 3-time On Topic Poster of the Year. Only Ian has won more, but Supremo has a long way to go to catch up to Ian's 8 wins. (Ian is now also a 5-time Funniest Poster winner)

- wandshogun's second win streak continues. He's now won Best MMA Poster every year since it began in 2012 ... apart from in 2020.

- Chippy Tea's four-year streak as Thread of the Year, however, is over. All hail UKFF Memes!



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A suggestion for the 2023 awards - could the breakthrough star category come back? It feels like it would have been a nice little addition over the past few years for people like Orange Cassidy, Jade Cargill, Darby and others; and in 2023 you have the likes of LA Knight, Dominik Mysterio, Willow Nightingale, Takeshita, Swerve Strickland and Ilja Dragunov. Given that it’s a breakthrough star award and not a newcomer award, it’s a crowded field; and it would be nice to see some of these wrestlers get recognised. 

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Took the liberty of updating the opening post again with this year's winners.

Some stats!

 - Bryan Danielson is now a 5x (5x, 5x, 5x, 5x) UKFF wrestler of the year - that's more wins than anyone else ever.

 - AEW Dynamite has won best wrestling TV show five years in a row - that's the longest winning streak in that category.

 - The Bloodline has won best feud/angle for the second year in a row. If you count the Reigns/Jey feud from 2020 as the start of the story, it's won three years of the last four.

 - Shane McMahon's win in Funniest Moment means "a McMahon tears his leg muscles" is a two-time UKFF award winner.

 - FTR become the first 3x winners of best tag team.

 - Wrestle Me! has now won best podcast as many times as all the other podcasts combined. They're another 5x (etc) winner.

 - Nia Jax has now tied with the Great Khali for the most wins in worst wrestler.

 - Cody losing at WrestleMania gives WWE their first win as biggest letdown since the inception of AEW.

 - And finally, @Frankie Crisp is the only three-time Good Augene winner in UKFF history. The goodest of eggs is Frankie!

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